Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak

The services offered by the Psychological-psychotherapeutic Counselling, Social Counselling, Counselling for Barrier-free Studies, and the Writing Center for Berlin students, are listed here.

+++Detailed FAQ in the context of the current Corona situation can be found here+++

Dear students, from now on, we offer initial psychotherapeutic consulations again, which will take place via phone until further notice. We are here to help.

My studies are affected by coronavirus. What happens to me? 

Coronavirus can currently cause a lot of stress, although, or precisely because “normal” studying and living are not possible.

While there might have been an initial feeling of joy about the postponed start of the lectures, there’s now a lot of time for introspection, and this does not always lead to positive discoveries.

In phases like this, you might realise what makes you dissatisfied and has long been swept under the carpet. In the absence of distraction, this is often more apparent.

Due to the changes caused by coronavirus, new challenges appear. These can be unusual and stressful. And sometimes you feel pretty alone with it. Do the following examples sound familiar to you?

  • Daily structure? None!
  • Lots of stress, little compensation
  • Upset and uncertainty about the future
  • Don’t feel like doing anything
  • Loss of previous prospects
  • Old acquaintances and family issues reappear

When facing such changes and pressure, professional support can be important.

Talking to someone who is not part of the family or friends, has an understanding of the specific life phase of being at university, deals confidentially with what is discussed, and is well trained, can be helpful for many students.

This is not about the three best tips for dealing with the coronavirus effects. The internet already has sufficient instructions in this regard. Instead, it is about supporting the individual in their particular situation. Don’t be afraid to call us. We would be happy to advise you or arrange an appointment for an upcoming conversation.

(Thanks to our colleagues from Karlsruhe for providing the template for this text.)


Prompt confidential telephone appointments can be made via our secretary's office Mon-Thu from 9 am to 15 pm and Fri 9 am to 13 pm:

Location Charlottenburg, Hardenbergstraße 35
+49 (0)30 93939 8401

Location Friedrichshain, Franz-Mehring-Platz 2-3
+49 (0)30 93939 8438

Or via email at:


The Berliner Krisendienst is available at all times at +49(0)30 390 63 00.

Our range of tasks and our offer

We are legally required to maintain confidentiality.

<h3>Social counselling service<br></h3>
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Social counselling service

A team of qualified social workers will gladly help and assist you in many personal, social and financial issues, such as:

Howdo I finance my studies and my degree?

Do my parents have to support me or would BAföG be an option for me?

What and who can help with hassles with the authorities?

Questions about health insurance, housing allowance, child benefit?

Pregnant - what now? Child (ren) and studying - how does that work?

Social rights - too complex, or you have specific questions?

Our offices are located in Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg and Dahlem.

<h3>Psychological-psychotherapeutic counselling service</h3>
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Psychological-psychotherapeutic counselling service

The counselling services are aimed at all students studying at Berlin universities.

There are many different aspects to studying, and it makes demands on all parts of your daily life. Things don’t always run smoothly. Even if you can deal with many challenges on your own, there can still be issues for which might you need professional advice.

You can find us in Charlottenburg and in Friedrichshain.

<h3>Writing Centre</h3>
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Writing Centre

Competently dealing with texts, as a reader and also as a writer, is indispensible for successful studies. Writing can also be a tool for learning and thinking, rather than a hurdle.

The counselling services are aimed at all students in bachelor-, master- and state exam degrees.

It is our guiding principle that one can learn academic and scientific writing and that this is a process in which we would like to guide and support you.

Our team of trained writing advisors offers personal advice on academic writing as well as workshops and groups at the Hardenbergstraße and Thielallee sites.

<h3>Counselling service for barrier-free studies</h3>
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Counselling service for barrier-free studies

Our services are aimed at students or prospective students with disabilities or chronic diseases. This includes, in addition to students with walking disabilities or hearing-impaired or visually-impaired students, also students with chronic diseases such as e.g. Morbus Crohn, cancer, HIV infection, rheumatism, diabetes, epilepsy or any other non-visual impairments. Of course, our consultations are confidential and, on request, also anonymous.

The counselling centre provides integration assistance in according with the Berlin Higher Education Act. This entails integration aids such as study assistance, text book allowances or other technical aids.

Our offices are in Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg and Dahlem.

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