How to save during a crisis

Tips for saving energy in the dormitory

Winter is coming! And with it also increased energy costs, which are especially difficult for us students to pay. However, in just a few steps, students can significantly reduce their costs. And you can do it in almost every activity. Are you ready?

When heating

"If I turn the heat up to 100%, I'm sure the room will warm up faster."

Unfortenately, that's not how it works. The numbers on the heater only indicate the desired temperature of the room and a higher number will make the air warmer, but not heat faster than you would like. In addition, it is also not recommended to turn on the heater and open a window at the same time to get a better "ventilation-heat“. In this way, the heating consumes much more energy to warm up the room. It is best to ventilate when the heating is off. Usually 10 minutes in enough. Ventilating longer means that the furniture will cool down and we will use more energy to warm up the room again. 

When cooking

When cooking and storing food, we use about 20% of the total household electricity but it could be much less. Put the lid on the pot when cooking and you will significantly reduce energy consumption. It is also recommended to turn off the stove earlier and use the remaining heat (it is much warmer than you think). The recirculation function of the stove can also save up to 15% of the energy. Preheating is a myth. Most often, many recipes recommend preheating the oven to give a more accurate baking time. But in reality, you can skip this step. Bon appetit! After you're done cooking, it's worth taking a look in the fridge. Normally, 7 degrees in the fridge and - 18 degrees in the freezer are enough to keep our food reliably cool. 

In the shower

After an intense cooking session, it's time to shower and relax. Here you can also easily save energy and water. Slightly cooler water in the shower is good for the skin. Reducing shower time by 5 minutes can cut significant costs. In addition, you can also get a water-saving shower time by 5 minutes can cut significant costs. In addition, you can also get a water-saving showerhead to reduce water costs even more.