Kita at the Humboldt-Universität

We pay special attention to the socio-cultural living environment. Shared experiences of success and challenges count, we strengthen the children's self-confidence and convey a sense of togetherness. Welcome to the day care centre at Humboldt-Universität!

Our day care center at a glance

The day care center at the Humboldt-Universität "Die Lupe" has room for 88 children aged eight weeks up to school entry. It is located in a protected area in Berlin-Mitte and has an own playground.

We work on the basis of the Berlin Education Program ("Berliner Bildungsprogramm"). We follow a holistic educational concept and accompany the children according to their respective strengths. The open educational concept is used especially in the mixed-age area. The day care center has functional rooms in which the children can move around as they please and according to their interests. Every child is supported by a confidant caregiver.

In the area for small children (0 - 3 years) we have groups instead. The youngest children are cared for outside of their families for the first time and therefore need a protected space for experiences.

A holistic education means that we include all educational areas equally in our everyday life. The children experience music and culture, movement and art, discovery, building and exploring as well as language and maths on a daily basis.

We put a special emphasis on the socio-cultural environment. Every child is already influenced by their own family culture. The day care center provides the children with common achievements and challenges that strengthen their self esteem and their sense of togetherness. We support the children in realizing their social values, question their habits and getting to know other cultures.

The nursery area is located on the ground floor of the two-storey house and has room for 36 children. The children are cared for in three groups with 12 children each. Apart from the group rooms we have a children’s art studio and a children’s restaurant.

The mixed-age area is located on the first floor and has room for 52 children. This area is designed according to an open concept. Therefore, you can find different functional rooms there: a learning workshop, an art space, a construction room, a role-play room, and a sensory room. The upper floor also has a children’s restaurant. Apart from that, there is a big movement room for everyone.

Explore and Discover

Within our guided projects we animate the children to explore, construct, and to discover.

Sports and Exercise

In close cooperation with Humboldt University’s sports program we use the big university gym on the other side of the Spree river once a week in order to secure a diverse movement program.

Arts and Culture

The children’s artistic work often leads to bigger projects, for instance creating sceneries for theater plays. Their works are also exhibited within our facility.

Furthermore, we also use the city’s diverse cultural landscape: museums, theaters, and concerts.

Forest Day

When the weather allows it, we give the older children the opportunity to participate in a forest day once a week to experience the nature. Its value for us humans is researched together in order to develop an understanding of the environment and respect for other living beings.

Festivals & Celebrations

In the course of a day care year, we have many opportunities to celebrate. Feasts are important to us because they offer us a break in our everyday routines, are fun and leave us with beautiful memories. Our annual summer festival is one highlight of the year. For our preschool children there is an annual children's festival in the "Freiraum" - the event hall of the culture department of  studierendenWERK.

Closing times 2023

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Ziegelstr. 5-9

Ziegelstr. 5-9
10117 Berlin (Mitte district)
+49 (0)30 93939 - 8620
Opening hours: 
Mon, Tue, Thu,  Fri, 7:30 AM - 5 PM
Wed, 7:30 AM - 16.30 PM

Andrea Buchweitz 
Jakob Kühn (Deputy)

Mangement office hours:
Parent consultation hours:
Thursdays, 9 - 11 a.m. and subject to agreement by telephone
 S-Bahn S1, S2, S3, S5, S7, S9, S25, S26, S45; U-Bahn U6; Tram 12, M1; Bus 12, 147, M1, N6, S7
Stop: Friedrichstr.        

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