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Lijung - Korean Ghost

Two Perspectives: Lijung & Xuan Wang im Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße

Korean Ghost explores the so-called "Red Fear" in the history of Lijung's family, who lived through the events of Korea's traumatic past. Lijung references Marianne Hirsch's concept of “post-memory” and applies it artistically to her family history. From her perspective as a member of the third generation since the Korean War, Lijung analyzes how the memories of the "Red Fear" have survived in her family throughout recent Korean history as well as wider world events, and what meaning it continues to carry.

Lijung works with interviews of her two grandmothers, who lived through the Korean War and the division of Korea, and of her second-generation parents, who were shaped by the democratization of the country, but also studied in Germany, experiencing the espionage incidents and German reunification. Both in Korea and in her life in Berlin, the "Red Fear" is present as a post-memory phenomenon and is still the "ghost" in the history of the family. The Korean Ghost Project documents this spirit, which is rooted in the past and lives on in the present.


18 June 2022 to 23 June 2022


01:00 PM to 07:00 PM


  • Exhibition
  • Art




Kulturwerk Berlin


KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße
Potsdamer Str. 65 - 67, Parkhaus im Hof
10785 Berlin

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