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L A N D____S T R I C H

The exhibition shows 10 different artistic positions on the reciprocal relationship between nature, human and architecture.

If we don't know the streets of a city, we get lost in it and experience its individual, urban structure in an unplanned, new way.

Our built-up living space is juxtaposed with disordered nature. Both are inherent in a stretch of land: a populated and an overgrown place. It is a border and a connection. In large cities, nature cannot be experienced in its untamed state; instead, it is integrated into an architectural order that prevents it from growing unstoppably. Nevertheless, nature serves as inspiration for the shaping of the man-made order.
To what extent does a symbiosis emerge at this point, which we design as a new nature?
Man is factually and immanently provided for in this design. With regard to the needs of man, who finds himself in a determined order and as part of an arbitrary nature at the same time, architecture and nature, chaos and order, conditions and boundlessness meet in the exhibition Landstrich.

In the Landstrich exhibition, the artists use multimedia works to negotiate the assumption that organic forms initially arise from disorder and that geometric, constructed forms have an ordering, stabilizing quality and how these change spaces and perspectives. The works show how disorder does not necessarily mean chaos and balance does not require equilibrium.

utet und Balance kein Gleichgewicht benötigt. 


12 October 2024 to 18 October 2024


01:00 PM to 07:00 PM


  • Exhibition
  • Art
  • Kunstraum


Kulturwerk Berlin


KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße
Potsdamer Str. 65 - 67, Parkhaus im Hof
10785 Berlin