Fotografie: Sophia Rabe

DIN 5023

Group Exhibition in Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße

rahmen, sichern, grenzen ein und aus
setzen voraus
leitung reklamieren, Gedrungenes oder gar Ordnung
vereinheitlichen. Zu einem. Was ist eins
sprengen, quetschen, passen und folgen
zu weisen, weisen ein
verbinden, verdrängen, verlieren, verärgern
wo wollen wir sie
wann wollen wir sie
lösen, formen, anpassen, übersehen

The German colour DIN 5023 for ink boxes provides twelve standardized colours in one school ink box. As part of the Stadtschreiber:innenprojekt* 2021 by studierendenWERKs BERLIN, Momo Bera wrote a total of twelve lyrical texts in which she deals with the idea of a standardized paintbrush, as well as fixed spectrums of colour and their perceptions.

These texts provide clues for a more in-depth artistic examination of the wide range of issues that come with standardization. The artists Hannah Tharann, Ben Biller, Lilli Falzoi and Momo Bera are presenting the preliminary findings of their work in the exhibition DIN 5023, where they think through and differentiate their underlying initial questions. In this sense, DIN 5023 stands as a symbol for norms, standards and values and the question of how these, consciously and unconsciously, shape our perception.

In a zine created parallel to the exhibition, fragments of Momo Bera's inspirational texts appear, accompanied by a shared collection of visual associations.

DIN 5023 was withdrawn in 2018 without replacement. (Among other reasons, there was no longer any need for it.)


13 May 2022 to 15 May 2022


01:00 PM to 07:00 PM


  • Art
  • Exhibition
  • Kunstraum




Kulturwerk Berlin


KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße
Potsdamer Str. 65 - 67, Parkhaus im Hof
10785 Berlin

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