Photo: Filip Mitrovski

Belgrad. Capital of Yugoslavia

Photographs by Filip Mitrovski in the Kunstraum Behrenstraße

When Filip Mitrovski was born in 1993, socialist Yugoslavia no longer existed. Nevertheless, the country of his parents was present during his childhood: in the kitchen table discussions of his Macedonian relatives and on the soccer field in Stuttgart, where the other migrant children spoke Serbo-Croatian in addition to German. Many children from the neighbourhood come from Bosnia and Herzegovina or Serbia; States that emerged from Yugoslavia in the 1990s, like today's North Macedonia. The former multinational state broke up into seven countries at the beginning of the Yugoslav wars; in some ethnic tensions are still evident today.

For his photo series in 2019, Filip travelled to Belgrade, today the capital of Serbia. Where is the architectural heritage of the former multi-ethnic state still visible? What lives on in these formerly symbolic places and what is growing there today? The series of pictures shows a lesser-known Belgrade; a Belgrade far from the hustle and bustle. A city that is covered in the dust of history, and offering a glimpse of what it once was: the capital of Yugoslavia.

Filip Mitrovski studies historical urbanism at the Technical University. For his master's thesis, Filip is currently working on a series of images about the Albanian capital Tirana.


14 April 2022 to 01 October 2022


  • Art
  • Exhibition


Kulturwerk Berlin


KUNSTRAUM Behrenstraße (BAföG-Amt)
Behrenstrasse 40/41
10117 Berlin