Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
picture shows students in a conversation

Buddy Programme

Peer-to-peer support for refugee students or interested in studying

What is the Buddy-Programme and who is it for?

The Buddy Programme offered by the Centre for Student Refugees Berlin offers newly enrolled refugees and those interested in studying an opportunity to get in touch with Berlin students and receive peer-to-peer support from them for successful studies.  

The project was initially for refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. Since the 1st of October 2023, the Buddy Programme has been open to all refugees, regardless of their country of origin. 

Who is involved?
Berlin Students share their experiences with prospective and newly enrolled refugee students.

What am I signing up for?
Get-together events, sharing experiences abvout applying and/or organising studies, making contacts.

What should I bring?
Commitment, openness, willingness to communicate with people and to ask or answer questions.

How does it work?
We organize an introductory event where the participants get to know each other and exchange contact details. The meeting is held in English. After that we will offer more events in which people can learn more about studying in Germany and Berlin.

We currently offer the "SprachCafe: Let's Speak German" as a regular activity of the Buddy Programme. We warmly invite you to join us! It takes place every 2nd week.

Registration and questions?
Registration is done using the application form, link for which you will find below. If you have any questions, please contact us via or use our contact formular.