Residence Tutor Danckelmannstraße


 My name is Qiuandra (kee-on-dra) and I am your dorm tutor in WH Danckelmannstr. since 10.11.2022. I am currently studying Environmental Planning at TU Berlin and have studied Politics in my Bachelors. I am from the USA and speak English (native language) and German (B2-C1). I speak a little French and even less Spanish (but I can order food in both languages - and that's actually the most important thing). In my free time I like to play board games and do sports. I also like to cook and bake.

As a dorm tutor, I am here to strengthen our dorm community so that everyone can feel comfortable and safe. I look forward to working with all of you Danckle-people, our dorm SV, and STW to maintain and improve our dorm.

In the future I will be planning some cooking and board game events. I would also like to try to organize a walking/running group. All events will be announced via the dorm WhatsApp group and with signs near the mailboxes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me via WhatsApp or email.

Qiuandra Taylor

Consultation hours:

9 - 10 pm

Danckelmannstraße 46/47, Room 003, opposite  the  SV Office

Mobile number:

0151 16 60 02 77