This list will help you to complete your application and accelerate our processes.

Please note:

  • In individual cases, it is possible that further documents may be required due to special circumstances: Your BaföG agent will inform you about this.
  • Please complete all fields of the forms with the required information, if not applicable please write "0" (i.e. your income/ assets).
  • Please do not forget to sign the application if you do not submit it via BAföG-Digital.

If you submitted the application via BAföG-Digital, you can upload the documents in your user area.


Form 1

  • copy of current passport/ visa (including the page with the residence permit)
  • copy of rental agreement/ proof of registration (both only if you do not live with your parents)
  • proof of health insurance (if you pay your own insurance)
  • proof of own income in the applicable period (i.e. orphan pension, scholarship)
  • proof of assets/ debt on the date of application (i.e. bank statements, estimated value of personal car and vehicle registration)
  • further proof in the case that assets have been transferred to other people/ family members within 6 months prior to application
  • curriculum vitae: Complete and uninterrupted career history
  • proof of completion of your vocational training (degree/bachelor's certificate) and periods of employment or replacement periods (e.g. unemployment, illness)

Form 2 or Certifcate of matriculation (Bescheinigung nach § 9 BAföG)

  • Current certificate of matriculation with subjects (“Immatrikulations-/ Studienbescheinigung”).

Form 3 (income declaration)

  • including proof of income of your parents/ spouse/ registered partner from 2022 (income tax or similar  - translated into German). If income tax is not available, please submit the December salary statement showing annual income.
  • if applicable, copy of school, study or training certificate for siblings from grade 10 or from the age of 15

Form 4 (Children of the trainee )

  • to apply for the childcare allowance for own children: copy of the birth certificate of the child(ren).

Form 5 bzw. Proof of the ECTS points

  • if funding is applied for from the 5th semester onwards, proof of ECTS points,
    if the office has a general stipulation from the department or you have achieved at least 30 credit points per semester, otherwise form 5 (certificate of achievement according to § 48 BAföG)


Form 7

  • (additional application, if the current income of your parents/ spouse/ registered partner has worsened compared 2 years earlier (i.e. due to unemployment, illness or retirement))


Form 9 - Follow up form for Educational Support Funding

You can find the requirements and documents here.

Apply online via BAföG-Digital.