16. BAföG refusal certificates ("Negativbescheid") / Jobcenter


BAföG negative certificates are issued by our Office for the Promotion of Education. You can only receive a negative certificate if you are not entitled to educational support.

This can be the case, for example, if you have exceeded the age limit, are studying part-time, may not be eligible as a foreigner, have taken up another course of study that is not eligible for support or, for example, there are no reasons within the meaning of the law for exceeding the standard period of study due to a performance deficit after the fourth semester.

We will not issue a negative certificate for the housing subsidy office / job center if you are not eligible, e.g. because your own assets have been taken into account or your own income is too high or your parents' income is too high. To check whether we can issue you a negative certificate, we need the applicationand the documents mentioned there.

You can get information in advance on this website: das-neue-bafög.de/. You can get information about housing allowance from your district housing allowance office. service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/120656/