18. Follow-up BAföG application: Short version with form 9

These three options are available

  • 1. Submit a follow-up application via the Bafög-Digital platform:
    If you submitted your last application with the consent for long-term storage in BAföG-Digital, you can conveniently transfer the data to the follow-up application in your user area.
  • 2. Submit a follow-up application with the short application form 9:
    If the long-term storage of the last BAföG application was not approved or the application was not submitted via BAföG-Digital, the follow-up application can be made under certain conditions using Form 9.
  • 3. Submit a new application via the Bafög-Digital platform:
    If applying under the above options (1 and 2) is not an option, please submit a new application via the Bafög-Digital platform.



Option 1:
If you have agreed to the long-term storage of your application, you also have the option of submitting the follow-up application conveniently via BAföG-Digital. To do this, go to your user area and click on the button "Submit follow-up application". Your data will be transferred to the follow-up application after confirmation.

Option 2:
If you have not agreed to long-term storage, it is possible to download form 9 and fill it out in the conventional way. The following requirements apply to the use of the short application via form 9:
- You have submitted your last application to the studierendenWERK BERLIN.
- There was no interruption of your education (e.g. semester off).
- If you are under 30 years old and your assets are less than 15,000 Euros. If you are older your assets must not exceed 45,000 Euro.
- Your own income does not exceed 520.00 € gross per month or is not higher than at the time of the last application and you agree to the crediting of the same amount.

Please submitt  the documents for the short application via form 9 (simple copies are sufficient) through upload them via the platform BAföG-Digital or berlin-bafög.

Form 9 Current certificate of enrollment (certificate according to § 9 BAföG) with information about the university and subject semesters or Form 2

Form 3 of the parents as well as the income documents of the parents for 2021, unless the last notice contains a parent-independent subsidy, in which case the income of the spouse or registered partner, if applicable.

Form 4 if you have your own children

If you have moved and no longer live with your parents: certificate of residence or a copy of the rental agreement (pages with rental contract partner, rental address, start of rental period and signature of the rental agreement).

Proof of health and long-term care insurance, if you pay contributions yourself and this was not yet the case in the last application
Proof of academic achievement, if you are applying for funding for the 5th semester (ECTS or Form 5).

You can speed up the processing of your application if you submit it as soon as possible! Please use our upload portal https://www.berlin-bafoeg.de.

Option 3:

If neither of the two options is possible, please submit a new application via BAföG-Digital.

Please do not submit the documents additionally by mail or e-mail.

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Proof of performance and imma

If the coming semester is your 5th semester, you will need a performance record in accordance with § 48 BAföG for further funding.
If you already submit the positive performance record as per the end of the 3rd semester (i.e. performance record as per 31.03.2023) to us by 31.07.2023 (the receipt stamp BAföG office or upload receipt date applies), then you do not need a record as per the end of the 4th semester.

You can't provide a positive performance record?
In justified cases (e.g. failure to pass a module exam, failure to pass an exam due to Corona, illness, disability, committee activity, a pregnancy/birth or the care/raising of a child under the age of 14), funding can still be provided, but the proof of achievement must then be submitted later.

Please remember to submit your enrollment certificate for the current semester.
Please submit the certificate for the next semester promptly upon receipt.