02. When and where do I apply?


It is best to submit your application as soon as you have been admitted and have decided to study in Berlin.

In general, you should apply for educational support as early as possible (6 to 8 weeks before the start of the semester).
Pay attention to the application deadlines:
In principle, the grant begins with the month in which you start your studies. However, if you apply in a later month, you will only be paid from that month on. The previous months are then lost.

You can submit your BAföG application from the comfort of your own home at www.bafoeg-digital.de - the free application portal of the federal and state governments.
You register there once and can then take advantage of all the benefits.
It's best if you agree to long-term storage so that you can access your data in the future and transfer it to subsequent applications.
The application wizard guides you through the entire application process and at the end you sign digitally and upload the required documents.
The date of successful transfer is the application date.

You do not manage to submit the application to the office in time (e.g. 31.10. for BAföG from October)? Then send us a short message with your details (name, address, funding number if already available) via the contact form that you are applying for BAföG. You can then submit the forms via your user area at BAföG- Digital, via the upload portal or by post.

BAföG-Digital also offers you the possibility to inform your parents or your partner by e-mail about their necessary participation in the application process. They can then use the e-mail to fill out form 3 via the BAföG-Digital portal.


A decision on a BAföG application is regularly made for 12 months (approval period).
Shorter approval period:
Your studies end earlier.
The application is not submitted at the beginning of the semester.
The proof of performance is due beforehand.
A semester abroad or a vacation semester is pending.
You should then submit a new application for funding two months before the end of the funding period. If you do not meet this deadline, you will not lose your entitlement to funding, but there will be an (avoidable) interruption in payment.