The MensaCard is the payment method in all of our facilities.

Where do I get my MensaCard?

You can get the MensaCard in all of studierendenWERKs canteens and coffee bars for a deposit of € 1.55. Please provide your student ID or a confirmation from your university that you are an employee.

How do I load the MensaCard?

You can load the MensaCard at the loading machines in our facilities. You can also use the Autoload system!

The “Autoload” system corresponds to the direct debiting system that is commonly used. This makes it easier for both you and us to avoid rummaging around for coins or exact change, shortens the lines at the cashiers, and enables you to enjoy your meal quicker.

Important to note:

To use the Autoload system, you first need to register at one of the canteen cashiers. This involves signing a written contract (“Direct debit authorisation”) between yourself and studierendenWERK BERLIN. You will find a form that you can download attached to this page (currently only available in German). To install the direct debit on your MensaCard, we need your debit (EC) card to confirm your account details, your MensaCard, and a photo ID with an address in order to identify and contact you in case debit notes are not paid. The MensaCard does not store either personal information or a personal profile. The MensaCard is only linked to the bank and account details provided in the direct debit authorisation to add money to the MensaCard. We respect the data-privacy regulations of the Berlin Data Protection Act in this process.

Cashless payment with the MensaCard

You can set a lower limit on your MensaCard, meaning that when the amount of money on the card falls below this value, the cashier will ask you if you want to reload the card. The sum will then be withdrawn from your bank account. It may take a few days for the sum to be booked from your account. You can get a receipt for this transaction if you wish. When registering at the cashiers, you can set the value of the standard reload amount. To avoid improper use, only one automatic reload may take place per day.

You can cancel the direct debit authorisation at any time by returning the MensaCard to a cashier; the remaining funds will be transferred to your bank account. You will then of course receive a new MensaCard without Autoload, which you can then reload at the loading machines in the canteens and universities as usual.

Campuscard does not equal MensaCard

The Campuscard has been introduced at six universities in Berlin. This card enables the conversion of paper student ID to multifunctional cards. You can find more infos about the Campuscard here:

Important: You need to save/note the STW number on the back of your Campuscard in order for the canteen staff to block your Autoload. Tip: Just take a picture of the number with your smartphone and send it to studierendenWERK BERLIN:

The CampusCard and the included semester ticket are administrated by the respective universities.

Do you have questions about the MensaCard? Feel free to write us an email to


Flyer Autoload (391.15 KB)
Data Capture for Autoload (currently only in German) (385.31 KB)