What is KUNSTRAUM digital?



Hara Shin, Mouthless Dialogue (Video Still)

With the digital program for visual arts we offer an open space for experiments and the possibility to rethink and exploit art. Art should not be defined by space and the materiality of its composition. Art should be able to develop independently, within the existing context. To work, interact, play with this context, to question and use it equally. This enables us to share production and product simultaneously and to test and convey a new sense of sensuality for the works of art.

Analogue space and virtual space: finding the right balance

The "virtual art space" can become a digital sketchbook and allow an insight into creative processes. We would like to focus more on the artists, to connect them more effectively with each other, with other actors in the art scene and with the audience.

We will extend and make accessible analogue exhibitions in the digital sphere. Every artist has a very individual approach to this subject. We want to show this diversity, as well as render artistic individuality tangible and reflect it digitally.

To this end, we will develop a technical infrastructure with virtual tours, 360° videos, 3D mappings, augmented/virtual reality and close integration of social media. It is not just important to show a documentation of the art, but to use the digital space, technology and the internet specifically, as an independent medium with unique processes and procedures.

This art space is a work in progress and therefore should always move within the possible limits and at the same time pioneer new concepts adapted to the current situation.


Instagram: @kunstraumdigital