3D models to download

KR Potsdamer Straße: gallery space on the ground floor

Download from the STW Cloud here




KR Potsdamer Straße: Subterranean garages in basement 1+2

Download from the STW Cloud here



Leonard Bertram and Danilas Abukevicius have created a 3D model of the gallery space (approx. 260m2) and of the underground garages (approx. 1700 m2) using the open source software Blender. They can be used as working models for your application for the Kunstraum exhibition programme, for planning the set-up and also to get virtually familiar with the KR Potsdamer Straße in advance.

You can download the Blender software free of charge at blender.org.

The ground floor gallery model contains 3 layers, which can be displayed individually or together: all walls, columns and the counter on layer 1, the doors on layer 2 and the ceiling and ceiling beams on layer 3. The floor plan is displayed on all 3 layers, but can be deactivated in the outliner (top right). The underground garage model works in a similar way.

As part of the Creative Lab programme, the 2-day workshop 3D Model in Blender took place in June 2021. Leonard Bertram gave an intensive introduction to design with the 3D software Blender. This workshop will be held again in the 2022 season.