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Mix it! Talent

P. Katcher / flickr

P. Katcher / flickr

Students show off their special talents at seven different events. If you like to dance or sing, or love performances and poetry, or you do acrobatics or are edgy and enjoy the experimental, then you can register for our stage competitions, as a soloist or as an ensemble/group.

Here is an overview of the current competitions and the results of former events.

Here's how you can participate in Mix it!...

How Mix it! works

We provide a stage for approx. 10 minutes to every student talent – but that's not all: Each acts is paid EUR 50. Whoever is voted as the winner by the audience, receives EUR 200 and automatically qualifies for the final, the great "Mix it! - Night of Talents" at the end of the year. The winner on this night receives the audience prize of EUR 1000.

The exact dates for the Mix it! talent contests can be found in our event calendar where you can also register for the particular events.

What do you have to consider when registering?

The registration form will, among other things, specify what type of technology is available in the hall. In addition, please state what type of technology is required, and what you will bring along with you.

In case additional technology is required that is not listed on the form, please contact Kulturwerk Berlin at least 2 weeks prior to the event – send an e-mail to

The deadline for registering without additional technology required is two days before the desired event date. In special cases applications one day before the desired event can be accepted. But please note that we cannot guarantee that your application on short notice can be processed on time!

You do not need to send proof of your artistic work, however you are welcome to. Please do not send any original works.

Who can apply? Can ensembles/groups also apply?

Participants must be enrolled at a Berlin university which is in cooperation with the studierendenWERK BERLIN. The universities are listed in the conditions of participation.

In case of ensembles/groups, at least half of the participants must be enrolled in one of the above mentioned universities, i. e. for example 2 of 4 or 1 of 2. In case of odd numbers, more than half must be enrolled, e.g. 2 of 3 or 3 of 5.

Participants must be enrolled at the point in time of the event in which they qualify for the Night of Talents. The enrolment certificate must be presented prior to the performance.

If an applicant qualifies for the Night of Talents, however, is no longer enrolled at one of the above mentioned universities, they may still take part.

What can I perform on stage? Do I have to be a professional?

Groups and soloists may show their talent in a ten-minute-performance on stage. At qualification events, stage time may be extended by the presenter, depending on the number of participants who still want to perform. The type of performance depends on the topics given and there are no limits. You don't have to be a professional – on the contrary! Mix it! is a space for creatives who perform arts in addition to their studies.

However, no primarily political or religious performances are permitted on stage. Also, no xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory contents are permitted on stage. Should this happen, the right of admission will be exercised and, if necessary, legal action will be taken.

Die Freispieler

Image: Vladimir Bondarenko

Image: Vladimir Bondarenko

Working together to develop a play over the duration of a winter and summer semester, turn ideas into reality, immerse ourselves completely into scenes, characters and themes, and then stand together on stage in a very special location - that's what our student theater group is all about.

In addition to the production, the acting training, i. e. body and voice work, stage presence, improvisation and character study is a very important part of the rehearsals. After the winter semester, a mid-term presentation of the material takes place, and then at the end of the summer semester several performances of the play that was written based on the material will be performed.

The group is accompanied and guided by actress and director Tanja Otolski.

The rehearsals are always on Monday during the semester from 6:30 PM to 9 PM in the Freiraum im Studentenhaus. You can register for the course at the beginning of the semester.

Trailer "Zeitlose", July 2017

Choir Unität

Foto: Andreas Krause

Foto: Andreas Krause

On 15 October 2014, a unique project was launched with the first rehearsal of Unität. The studierendenWERK BERLIN brings together over 200 students from all Berlin universities to sing pop songs under the musical direction of Sven Ratzel.

Every student or employee of the studierendenWERK BERLIN is welcome at Unität. Choir experience is appreciated, but not mandatory. Students must be currently enrolled at a Berlin university, which is in cooperation with the studierendenWERK BERLIN.

The rehearsals are always on Wednesday during the semester from 6:30 PM to 9 PM in the Freiraum im Studentenhaus. You can register for the course at the beginning of the semester.

Important information for joining the choir:

We are a colourful group – there is no audition, that's what we are about! Despite our "choir for all" mentality, it is important for us to make good music. For us, this means that students must regularly take part in the rehearsals and must keep up to date via the information channels (e-mail etc.). We are also looking for singers who are available for further events and joint campaigns.

The first two rehearsals of the semester are open rehearsals and serve as a non-committal orientation for people who would like to get an impression of Unität. There are no auditions. 

Impro theater

Bild: Tom Küttler

Bild: Tom Küttler

Spontaneity, imagination, creativity, interaction with the audience, unscripted, unplanned and especially teamwork: this is impro theater. Nevertheless, there are some rules for the game.

We offer classes and open stages:

The course focuses on the basics of improvisation: defining (who, where, what), accepting (picking up ideas, acting situations and characters out), acting and reacting instead of thinking and analysing.

Furthermore we will consider the following basics of acting: stage presence, cooperative play, body awareness, pantomime, reactivity and concentration.

The rehearsals are always on Tuesday during the semester from 4 PM to 6 PM in the Freiraum im Studentenhaus. You can register for the course at the beginning of the semester.

Open Stage: The stage is open for all students with improvisation talent. Whether tense, dramatic, philosophical, fantastic, absurd or funny: the actors and actresses transform the audience's inspiration into scenes that have never been seen before. No one has to go on stage, everyone is allowed to. Because after all, life is only improvised, right?


Bild: Rafal Gaweda

Bild: Rafal Gaweda

Since January 2018 offers the Büro Kultur & Internationales (BKI) Voguing Classes and Sessions. Voguing is a dance that emerged in the 70s and 80s in the ballroom scene of the POC and LGBTQ culture of New York.

Madonna propelled it in 1990 into the mainstream with her hit "Vogue". Voguing has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years and is rapidly becoming a mega trend worldwide. No wonder, because Voguing is fun and promotes self-confidence, as well as physical ability.

Our Voguing course is led by student activists of the Berlin Ballroom scene: Christopher Saint Laurent und Victoria Markiewicz aka LaToria Arise.

The rehearsals are always on Tuesday during the semester from 6:30 PM to 9 PM in the Freiraum im Studentenhaus. You can register for the course at the beginning of the semester.

They teach the basics of the most important styles of vogue, like Runway, Catwalk, Hands and Face.

Once in a semester we organize open voguing sessions, which are similar to a Voguing Ball or Kiki Function and where students can run and battle against each other in the different categories.

Voguing balls are important social places for the community. They are dance battles that take place between family-like communities, the "Houses". The Houses often carry brand names or names from pop culture, e. g. House of Dior, House of Ninja, House of Xtravaganza, etc. It's all about attitude, the best moves and costumes, but equally about mutual recognition, respect and empowerment.

Come on, Vogue!

Other projects

Bild: STW Berlin

Bild: STW Berlin

The Büro Kultur & Internationales (BKI) cooperates with various self-organized student groups and initiatives which organize cultural events and activities university-wide or are artistically active in addition to their studies.

Many dance groups, bands, solo artists or choirs have found a place to perform at our Freiraum. Likewise, since 2015, we have been offering TEDxTUBERLIN a location and our support.

The BKI supported an independent, non-commercial opera project by Berlin students from different art schools (UdK, Weissensee, Ernst Busch, Hanns Eisler) in which "The Coronation of Poppea" and the "Riemannopera" was performed in two evenings. Direction, music, technique, costumes and stage design were completely operated by students.

For inquiries and information about our supporting opportunities, please contact us through the following e-mail address:

The guideline for funding opportunities and financial support for student-initiated projects can be found here (only in German):