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Pregnancy Counselling

Specially trained female colleagues perform comprehensive counseling on questions about pregnancy. When booking an appointment, please indicate that you wish to come to a pregnancy counselling session.

Pregnancy Conflict Counselling

You have an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what to do next? You had different plans and are wondering whether or not you would be able to raise a child in your current life situation? There are many things to consider: your studies, your relationship and family situation, your health, your financial situation, etc. In this difficult time, you can get some orientation and help making a clear decision by attending a counselling session.

If you are considering an abortion, there is a requirement to attend a recognised counselling centre. The Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Counselling Service Centre at studierendenWERK BERLIN has just such a service. It is legally recognised and has two specially trained counsellors. Even though the law intends that during counselling, you should be encouraged to continue with your pregnancy, you should have no fear that you will have to justify yourself, or that you will be pressured to change a decision you have already made. If you wish, you will receive the appropriate counselling certificate at the end of the interview and you will not have to look for any further counselling services.
The close partnership between the Social Counselling Centre, the studierendenWERK BERLIN and others provides further counselling on the support options open to you, should you decide to continue with your pregnancy.
The decision whether to terminate or to continue with your pregnancy belongs to you and you alone. Only you can make this decision.

Our counselling services are free and confidential. You don’t need to have confirmation of your pregnancy from a doctor to get an appointment for counselling.

If you wish, you can bring your partner or another person with you to the counselling session. It is possible to come to several sessions if you wish.

When booking an appointment, please indicate that you wish to come to a pregnancy counselling session and whether you need to have an English speaking counsellor.