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Grant for the start or graduation of study

Students can apply here online for a one-time grant from the 15th of September to the 15th of October.


The grant for the start or graduation of study aims to provide financial support for a successful start of studies or a successful graduation.

It can be applied for twice a year. For the summer semester (application period: 15.03. - 15.04.) and for the winter semester (application period: 15.09. - 15.10.).

It is aimed at students in social and financial need and takes into account the special burdens of international students.
This is done by providing a financial allowance for living expenses or additional expenses during these special phases of study, e.g. for purchases, deposit payments, travel, living expenses to be bridged, additional expenses for final theses, etc.

Good to know

Students can apply for a one-time financial aid of 1,000 euros either for the start of their studies (first semester) or at the end of their studies (last 12 months of studies).
This is a grant.
It does not have to be paid back.

Funding is limited. As a rule, 40 applications can be approved in the summer semester and 60 in the winter semester. 


You can apply for the winter semester grant from Sept. 15-Oct. 15, and for the summer semester grant from March 15-April 15.

The application period lasts four weeks.
After that, applications can no longer be submitted.
Applications are submitted exclusively via the online portal.
The order of applications does not matter, all applications will be processed.
There is no legal entitlement.


Only students who...

  • are enrolled at a cooperating university
  • are registered in Germany and
  • either you are taking up your studies in Berlin for the first time and are in your first semester,
  • or you will be able to complete your studies within the next 12 months and still have open coursework (e.g. internship semester, modules or thesis).

You cannot be sponsored as a guest student, doctoral student, in a semester of leave or in a second degree program.



The application is submitted exclusively online via the barrier-free online platform provided for this purpose.

All documents and declarations are requested via the application portal when the application is submitted.
The application can be paused in between, i.e. you can interrupt the application processing and continue it at a later time.

Identity, eligibility to apply and personal eligibility are checked on the basis of the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport/residence permit (visa) in conjunction with confirmation of registration
  • Current certificate of enrolment
  • Letter of application (description of personal situation and reasons for application, description of motivation for studies/subject and how studies are planned (e.g. duration of studies, date of graduation, planned internships, semester abroad)
  • Complete curriculum vitae (like in a job application)
  • For students in the final stage of their studies: Information on your progress of studies (please use this form only)
  • Details on the use of the grants, i.e. what you want to buy or finance with the grant
  • if available: severely disabled person's ID card
  • Further proof of the following:
     - Complete statement of all income and expenditure
    -  Complete statement of assets and debts
    - Complete bank statements from the previous month for the main account. For example, if you apply in September, you will need the       bank statements from August.

At the request of the studierendenWERK, further suitable evidence must be submitted, e.g:

For the verification of social neediness on the basis of social factors and reasons for burden, corresponding information as well as the upload of the relevant supporting documents upon request.

Only applications that have been received in full will be processed.

Please check your application for completeness before submitting it. Missing documents cannot be submitted later and no documents will be requested!

Further information on what you need to consider before submitting your application can be found further down on this page.

Exclusion criteria for funding are e.g.:

  • Incomplete documents (see above the list of required documents).
  • Formal requirements (see the list of formal requirements above) not met
  • Financial need does not exist
  • Too high assets
  • Debts too high
  • Already have an equivalent degree (applies to any university degree, even if the first degree was completed abroad)
  • Payment of the grant for the start or completion of studies by studierendenWERK BERLIN already received
  • Visa/ID document has expired at the time of application
  • Not enrolled for the first time at a Berlin cooperative university when applying for the grant to start studies

Yes, a residence in Germany is required. Only the official registration confirmation serves as proof.
A rental contract or a housing provider certificate is not sufficient.
Registration certificates must be applied for at the citizens' registration office.

Submit online application


This is where we respond to the most frequently asked questions about the application.
Since questions change all the time, this text will also be adapted again and again.
This does not change the legal basis for the grant or the procedure - we are merely responding to the uncertainties and questions that you formulate.
You are also welcome to send us your questions, and we will adapt the FAQ accordingly.
Simply use the online form below.

After the application period, all applications are screened and reviewed.

All decisions will be made on the same deadline.
On this day, you will receive an email informing you that the status for processing your application in the application portal has changed.
This cut-off date is expected to be in May for the summer semester and January for the winter semester.
If your application is among the approved ones, the money will be transferred to your account a few days after the deadline.

In this case, it is possible to alternatively submit the receipt for the transfer of the semester fee together with the old enrollment certificate or the notice of admission to the study program.


Please check first if the mail address is spelled correctly (small typos happen more often than you might think).

It is also worthwhile to look in the spam folder, where the mails sometimes end up.

Some mail providers have such a high security standard that the mail is "fished away" and does not end up in the spam or junk folder of the mailbox.
Unfortunately, we at studierendenWERK cannot do anything about this - we can only advise you: Use another mail address.

It is allowed to use a private address, there is no obligation to use the university mail.

The grant application portal accepts only three file formats: jpg/jpeg, png and pdf.

If your files are in a different format, convert them to the accepted formats using appropriate software.

Note: Please do not manually change the file formats by adjusting the file extensions by renaming the file format, for example, by renaming a document named "ID document.gif" to "ID document.png".

Please contact us by email at zuschuss(at)

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