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Solidarity fund for students of the UdK Berlin

Financial aid for study-related expenses

The Universität der Künste has set up a solidarity fund in collaboration with the studierendenWERK BERLIN.

The Solidarity Fund is financed by donations and benefits young artists* in Berlin.
Information on how to donate can be found here.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors!

Only students of the UdK Berlin can apply for money from the fund.

The fund supports socially and financially needy students in order to finance study-related expenses.
This can be used, for example, for a project grant, materials, fees, licenses or working materials.

Good to know

An application can be submitted by students who

  • are only enrolled at the UdK Berlin and
  • are not enrolled in a vacation semester or as a guest student and
  • still have open coursework and
  • do not yet have an equivalent degree and are therefore not studying in a second degree program and
  • have their center of life in Berlin.

Financial assistance may be requested for the following expenses:

a)    for equipment and working materials required for study, e.g. instruments, tools, devices, etc.

b)     for working materials required for study, e.g. materials, artistic design materials, support materials, objects, etc.

c)     for necessary expenses for artistic projects within the scope of the studies, e.g. for service providers, technicians, travel expenses and other direct costs, public relations, etc.

d)    for other expenses such as licenses and fees, e.g. reproduction fees, usage licenses, duplication fees, performance licenses, software.

The support is a one-time € 500. The money does not have to be paid back.

  • German identity card or, alternatively, an official identity document plus certificate of registration or visa/residence permit.
  • Certificate of enrolment from the UdK Berlin for the current semester (including details of subject and university semester as well as study status, e.g. full-time study). If you do not have this, you can upload the letter of acceptance as well as proof of payment of the semester fee for the current semester
  • This document filled out by the UdK. Alternatively, your current performance overview.
  • Complete account statements or transaction reports from your main account from the previous month. For example, if you apply in November, you need to upload the account statement from October 1 to October 31. Your name, IBAN, all transactions and the account balance from the last day of the month must be visible. 
  • A complete curriculum vitae in tabular form showing your schooling, professional and academic career
  • If you can claim a severe disability, the severely disabled person's ID card

Social and financial need is assessed on an individual basis.
Income and expenses also play a role, as do disposable assets, for example.
The social neediness is checked by different information, like the number of children, if one has a severe disability or if one has a refugee background.

A request may be made once per semester.
Necessity is reassessed for each application.

Applications can be submitted until the funds are spent.
If no more funds are available, the application platform will be closed until new funds are received.

Submit online application

Technical FAQ

You will need:

  • Access to an Internet-enabled device, with the latest version of the Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers.
  • a digital camera or a smartphone with camera function, since, among other things, selfies must be uploaded for identification purposes,
  • a cell phone number (cell phone number), in order to be able to receive tokens for the application,
  • and possibly a scanner to scan documents that are not in digital form. Tip: A scanning app for the cell phone can be helpful. Alternatively, photos of the documents can also be uploaded.

Please use the latest version of the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge or the current standard browsers of mobile devices.
Internet Explorer is not supported in any version.

The grant application portal accepts only three file formats, these are jpg/jpeg, png and pdf.

If your files are in a different format, first convert them to the accepted formats using appropriate software.

Please do not manually change the file formats by renaming the file format and making Example.gif into a file named Example.png.
Then we will not be able to read the documents.

Please apply only when you have all the documents.
This means that your application will be processed much faster.
If there are any questions, we will ask you once.
We always use the application portal for this purpose.
We do not accept additional submissions by mail, post or fax.

The use of a second factor is a security feature in the application process and increases the protection of your account.
Without your consent, we will not contact you by phone and will use the phone number only for the stated purpose.

With the help of the selfies and the ID card, the identity is verified by the processing department.
The procedure has been chosen to enable a quick and secure digital legitimation check.
This means that you do not have to print out or sign any documents.

Information in the identification document that does not directly serve to prove your identity, such as place of birth or religious affiliation, can be redacted.

The application is only possible via the online portal.

Please contact us by email at sb.hardenbergstrasse(at)

We store your provided information according to the legally prescribed storage periods.

You can log in to the portal at any time and check the status of your application.

To do so, click on "Login" on the start page and enter the e-mail address and password that you used to submit your application.
After successful login you will see the status of your application.

No, you can use any email address you have access to.

If there is a need to change the email address during the application process, you can make this adjustment yourself in your account.
To do this, log in to the portal with your previous e-mail address, click on your name in the top right-hand corner, then click on "My profile" and change the e-mail address in the "Personal information" section.
After the adjustment, the new e-mail address can be used immediately, your previous password remains valid.

If you can't remember your password, click "Forgot your password?" on the portal login page and receive an email with a reset link.

Please note that the reset links can be used only for a limited time. If the reset link has already expired, simply request a new one by clicking on "Forgot password" again.

If you still have problems with the login, please contact us at sb.hardenbergstrasse(at)

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