Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak

studierendenWERK counsels on financing studies, studying with children, provides counselling on academic writing, provides psychological counselling, is a contractual partner for the KfW student loan and supports studying with special needs.

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Social Counselling = Counselling on the following topics

  • How can I finance my studies and the final stages of my degree?
  • Do my parents have to support me or could I get BAföG?
  • Who can help me when I have problems with administrative offices?
  • Questions about health insurance, housing subsidies, or child benefit?
  • Pregnant – what now? Child(ren) and studying – how to combine the two?
  • Entitlement to social services – too complex? Or do you have more specific questions?
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Students with Children

For students with children, we have created a counselling service, aimed at both German and international students.
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Overview of funding

Study financing is usually a mix of several financing options. Watching this jungle of possibilities is not always easy.
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Grant for the start or completion of studies

Students can apply online for a one-time grant.
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International Students

Whether you have come to Berlin for one semester or for a full study program – we at the Social Counselling Centre would like to support you.

Online Campus Participation Fund

Students and lecturers can apply for a grant for technical equipment.
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Federal aids for students

The federal government's bridging aid is extended. Students can submit applications until the end of the summer semester (30.09.21).

Wie können wir beraten? / How can we advise?

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Counselling services at a glance

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