#stayathome Natural Beauty Hacks

How to glow up and come back to university or work looking better than ever!

As I have recently noticed, during the quarantine many people began to do workouts with Youtube videos not only to stay healthy and fight the boredom, but also to glow up and come back to university or work looking better than ever. It is actually not such a bad motivation – if not now, when will we have the next chance to "hide" from other people long enough, to actually surprise them with improvements in our appearance? Today's article is not going to be about fitness and types of workout (as I am a struggling beginner myself), but I would like to give you few tips on how to enhance your appearance using natural and cheap products, that you would normally use rather for cooking than as a beauty treatment.

So, do you want to glow-up, but due to the crisis have no money for expensive cosmetics? If the answer is yes – enjoy reading :)

1. DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

After cleansing your face, and before moisturizing it, using a toner is a great adjunct to the skincare routine - it removes any remaining dirt, bacteria and oil, balances skin's pH level and close pores.

Benefits of Apple cider vinegar:

  • antibacterial and antifungal properties -> prevention from acne and pimples
  • help in increasing the blood flow to the skin -> nutrients and oxygen are effectively distributed throughout your body and across your face with proper blood flow
  • removes dead cells -> reveals healthy skin
  • restores our skin's pH -> protects our acid mantle, the protective layer on our skin's surface, that works against external influences like allergens and pollution
  • tightens skin

How to make an DIY apple cider vinegar toner:
Take a little jar or a glass bottle. Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 5 parts water (for sensitive/ dry skin) or 1 part apple cider vinegar with 3 parts water (for normal skin). Mix the ingredients together. Dab a cotton ball into the toner mixture and apply to the face and neck – just as a usual toner. Apply twice per day, after cleansing and before moisturizing. It can be stored at room temperature, as the vinegar has preservative properties.
Note: the smell is pretty strong and not so pleasant, but no worries, it doesn't last long and disappears after moisturizing.

Foto:John Finkelstein, Pexels, CCO

Foto:John Finkelstein, Pexels, CCO

2. Eyelash conditioner from olive oil

For the majority of us, the most important function of eyelashes is highlighting our eyes, as they are said to be "the mirror of the soul". We want eyelashes to be long and thick – below you can find information why and how olive oil can be used to nourish them and extend their "life".

Benefits of olive oil:

  • Contains vitamin E-> antioxidant; increases the blood flow, so that hair is nourished and also stimulated to grow
  • Contains vitamin A -> also needed for hair growth; strengthens hair to reduce breakage, as it helps to produce a healthy sebum for protection
  • Rich in oleic acid -> controls water loss in hair, so that hair is softer and more elastic
  • Rich in linoleic acid -> lubricates the hair shaft and helps hair to maintain moisture

How to apply olive oil as eyelash conditioner:
You can use a washed brush from mascara that you have used before or put a little bit on your fingertips and smear it from the root to the end of eyelashes, as if you wanted to lift them up or curl them (of course only after washing your hands beforehand). It is best to apply it in the evening, after make-up removal.

Foto: Margenauer, Pixabay, CCO

Foto: Margenauer, Pixabay, CCO

3. Yeast-Mixture for strong hair, skin and nails  [ NOTE: If you don't tolerate yeast or are allergic to it, any use is unsuitable!]

Yeast has been widely used since ancient times. Nowadays they play a big role in the food and brewing industry. Yeast also has health-promoting properties due to the presence of B vitamins and minerals in them and is believed to have an amazing impact on hair growth. The simplest method that will allow the body to absorb beneficial ingredients in a fairly quick way is to drink them.

Benefits of yeast:

  • Contains Biotin (vitamin B7 or H) -> supplies the hair matrix with sulfur. Sulfur is often referred to as one of the building blocks of hair, since our hair consist of protein called keratin, which is high in sulfur content. Biotin has also a regulatory function in the field of scalp metabolism, positively affecting the roots and growth of the hair shaft. In addition, it strengthens the nail plate.
  • Rich in other B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12) -> helps against acne, as they have anti-inflammatory properties, regulate sebaceous glands and reduce excessive sebum production
  • Contains zinc -> participates in the formation of keratin, and due to this plays a big role in hair tissue growth and repair. Hair loss is a common symptom of zinc deficiency.
  • Contains selenium -> protection against DNA damage and destructive effects of free radicals, neutralizes the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. It also soothes skin irritations and has antiallergic properties.

How to drink yeast:
There should be fresh yeast in every shop, usually near the dairy section. You're looking for baking yeast, the kind that comes in little cubes and costs approximately 0,20 Euro. The standard package has 42g. You can take 1/5 or 1/6 of the cube, put in a cup and pour boiling (!) water over them. It is crucial that you use hot, boiled water, in order to "kill" the yeast and avoid negative side effects. Warning: the smell and taste is very strong and some people can't stand it. Wait until the mixture cools down and is almost cold, and try to drink it then, as the taste is not so strong anymore. If you still need some motivation to drink this weird-smelling mixture – read about its benefits once more :)

Note: Don't add sugar or honey, as this weakens their effect and absorption. Drink the mixture 3 weeks and then make 1 week break or 3 months with 1 month break.

It is worth remembering that natural products mentioned above used for skin and hair care have a chance to show real effects only if used systematically - therefore it's very important to be patient and consistent. Have fun with experimenting and stay healthy!

Magdalena Kosik (Tutor in Mollwitzstraße)

Foto: Andreas160578, Pixabay, CCO

Foto: Andreas160578, Pixabay, CCO