My favorite place in the dormitory

1 question - 5 answers

With its 31 dormitories with over 9,100 residents, dormitory life in Berlin offers a unique diversity that may not be immediately apparent to outsiders. No two dorms and their residents are alike, and every dorm life is unique. That's exactly what we'd like to tell you about in this format and give you an insight into a wide variety of dormitories and their special features. Why are we particularly good at this? Because we - the team of dorm tutors - live all over the dorms of Berlin.

In the format "Residence Life: 1 Question - 5 Answers", 5 tutors from 5 different residence halls dedicate themselves to the same question and thus provide insight into their residence life.

This time it's all about your favorite place in or around your dorm!


What is your favorite place around or in your dorm?


Boyana, dormitory tutor at Victor Jara dormitory

My very favorite place in the dorm would definitely be the kitchen in my 2-person shared apartment. Every day starts with a short visit to the kitchen - turning on the radio, making coffee and watering flowers. Sometimes this is also a longer visit, when I and my roommate are in the mood to procrastinate at the same time. On the weekend you can do that, even without a guilty conscience - then we bake pancakes together and suddenly it's already noon. But my favorite thing is to spend cozy evenings with my friends on the sofa: having dinner, playing cards or just chatting.


Julia, tutor in WH Sewanstrasse

My favourite place around my dormitory is a small forest behind the buildings. In the spring, when nature awakens and the wildlife comes alive, walking in between those tall trees and hearing the birds communicate back and forth inspires an especially calming feeling for me. Whenever I need some time to be alone with my thoughts, I go to this forest and reconnect with Berlin's beautiful nature.


Stela, dormitory tutor Danckelmannstrasse

My favorite place is directly across from the dorm. That's where the Ziegenhof is: Charlottenburg's small, secret oasis with real goats that are cared for by a neighborhood association. The courtyard has small gardens and offers a lot of sun and a view of the open sky. I sometimes drink my tea there or sit down with neighbors to chat.


Ilia, tutor in the Victor Jara dormitory

My favorite place is the meadow in the backyard. It's a place everyone knows. In the summer it's very nice to lie there in the sun and enjoy a good book or just get something done for your studies by relaxing in the comfortable deck chairs. At night there are many hares, foxes and sometimes even deer, but they are very shy and immediately flee when they see you. In the warm days there are organized many events. This meadow seems to lack nothing and together with that of our bar "Der Bierkeller" it makes our dormitory a paradise for students.


Leoluca, dormitory tutor in Eichkamp

My favorite place around my dorm is Dragon Hill. It is an artificial hill that was created from the rubble of the city after the Second World War. I especially love this place in the spring and summertime when people fly their kites here during the day. During the day it is the perfect place to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful view of Berlin and in the evening you can admire the sunset on the other side. In the summer, I'm on Dragon Mountain almost every other day because it's only 10 minutes away from my dorm!