[when i leave any building, i enter a state of alarm]

November 2019

cos nothing quite prepares one for the
weight of an ever earlier night
few days ago the sun wasn’t there
for the day and some student claimed
that it is actually on its last legs
leaving us in search of a retirement
home and next year we will feel
the consequences –

then he laughed and chugged down
a bottle of water as if his life
depended on it we pretended not to
give a damn but i noticed a lot of people
glancing up with a concerned expression
for the rest of the day

and i’ve started to compare the sun
to its previous state every morning
the way you’re supposed to watch
your own skin for cancer signs

i take photographs
and when i put them next to each other
it looks a bit paler with the progression
of time sickly and not very well