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Voguing Session

Show your attitude!

Einlass: 18 Uhr

Beginn: 19 Uhr


Bei der Voguing Session im Freiraum werden über 30 Berliner Studierende laufen, die ein Semester lang die Basics der wichtigsten Voguing-Stile und Categories erlernt haben: Vogue-Fem, Old Way, New Way, Face, Runway, und, und, und.... Geleitet wurde der Kurs von studentischen Aktivist*innen der Berliner Ballroom-Szene: Ariclenes Agostinho Garcia aka Arigato Melody aka Mother LaQuefa Arise und Victoria Markiewicz aka LaToria Arise.

Das folgende Programm ist auf Englisch, da es die "Ballroom-Language" sein wird.


This Voguing Session is a welcome and celebration of our cute newbies Voguing Beginners Class and Voguing Intermediate Class at studierendenWERK Berlin - and all the other Voguing-Babies and Newbies and Virgins in this town and therefore especially meant for Voguing Virgins. In this context the below named “virgin categories” are especially meant for our Beginners Class.

Let’s give it up for the next generation! <3


Overall Theme is:  “HIPPIES”

A hippie is a label for a person of a certain counterculture that started in the United States, and spread to other countries during the 1960s. Hippies have their own views on drug use, sexual liberation, and women's rights.

Your MC will be the one and only Mother Leo Venus. Your DJ will be fabulous Ceekay Juicy

Your judges are:

  • Mother LaQuefa Arise
  • LaToria Arise
  • Tilda 007



RUNWAY (5 Trophies)

Within the runway category we want to kick it off and show the variety of the Hippies` culture.


European Runway – “Fairies; enchant us with your outfit creation spreading some magic, some secret, some lightness… pastel colors and transparent materials can serve as an inspiration!

All American Runway – “Symbol of peace”; this is definitely one of the strongest symbols- with its` geometrical and clean shape it is known all over the world standing for one of the deepest humanity’s  wishes…Serve us your strong walk for peace with the symbol of piece -mandatory part of your outfit creation.


BQ European Runway – “Summer of Love”; show us your colorful and breezy-light summer High-Fashion outfit- some kind of color-mix and the use of strong colors are mandatory…

FF European Runway – “Flower power”; spread your flower power all over and dare the january’s coldness- will your interpretation of floral motives and fashion blow our minds into spring?

All American Runway – “The Age of Aquarius”; it is all about water colors, illusions, props, the waterman’s power real? Serve it as the Aquarius and make us believe in astrology and esoterism!



OTA – “LSD”; drugs and psychedelic substances can bring you to other spheres- will you serve it in your very own creation inspired by psychedelic colors and rainbow lift us to other dimensions? This category is meant to be a space for all the beautiful people in the audience to show off and get celebrated for their outfits- if you don`t walk any other category that day, but look fierce- you gotta serve that look!!!


REALNESS (2 Trophies)

MF/FF – “Easy Rider”: Is there anything more real than biking on your Harley into the wild?!?!? Bring it as a Biker in an outfit inspired by the raw and endless roads, wind and leather.

Please note and respect that the Realness categories can`t be walked by straight cis person.


FACE (4 Trophies)

 “Healing crystals”; Health and the balance of body and soul were an important element of the Hippies’ culture and alternative medicine an important element within it- show us your beautiful face decorated with glitter, sparkles and/or crystals.

MF /FF /Drag/ EQ*
(*ENBY QUING/NON-BINARY- come to impress the judges with your androgyny)


SEX SIREN (3 Trophies)

“Dove, symbol of peace”; there is something about this worldwide known symbol- tell us your story and bring it in white colors and feathers and show us your beauty, grace, mystery and most of all your sex-appeal!

  • MF
  • FF
  • EQ (ENBY QUING/NON-BINARY) come to impress the judges with your androgyny  - bring it also in an outfit inspired by the dove, the symbol of peace, but this time black colors and feathers…

HANDS/ARMS (1 Trophy)

OTA – “Hare Krishna Movement”; is a spiritual movement and following the story of Krishna, who is seen as the eighth incarnation of the goddess Vishnu. Krishna is a symbol for preservation, love and joy. Hare stands for the one, “that draws the hearts of all “…Bring it in an orange tunic or scarf and some bells or percussions- are you the one that will draw our hearts?


PERFORMANCE (7 Trophies)

Within the performance categories we will have a look over a range of social movements, senses of life and occurrences- but watch out- each category has its’ own story; some are funny and joyful, others spiritual and deep, others come from a serious context and maybe full of socio-political critique. We wanna see vivid battles and your story about it!

Virgin Performances:

Vogue Fem  – “Tree huggers”

OldWay  – “Jeans”

NewWay – “Yellow Submarine”

Vogue Performances:

Womens Performance (Vogue Fem)- “Hair, the musical” (hairography, long hair, wig)

BQ (Vogue Fem) - “Vintage and feathers”

OldWay OTA – “War in Vietnam” (military look)

NewWay OTA – “Meditation and Yoga”



OTA – „Woodstock“; we wanna end giving it up to the legendary Woodstock-festival; which is on the one hand seen as the peak and on the other hand the ending point of the Hippies’ movement being integrated into the mainstream culture.

So we will give only non-voguing beats to you- but wanna see you staying true to vogue; which can be old way, new way or fem.




18:00 bis 22:00 Uhr


  • Bühne & Musik




BKI - Büro Kultur & Internationales


FREIRAUM im Studentenhaus
Hardenbergstraße 35
10623 Berlin

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