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Bike lane

Video: Cycling in Berlin

This short guide helps you learn the biking policies in Berlin and how to be safe while riding your bike in the city.



Riding the bike is very popular and common way of transportation among students in Berlin. It is cheap and also good for your health and the environment. If you are new to Berlin and don’t know your way around the local biking policies yet, this video might be just for you!

Normally, there is a bicycle lane on each side of the road. In this case, you always drive on the right-hand side. You may not ride on the sidewalk or in pedestrian zones.

You are also not allowed to ride on one-way streets in the opposite direction, unless these are marked with the sign "bicycles free". Riding on the road is not forbidden. However, cyclists must use the bicycle lane if it is marked with one of the following traffic signs:

You can cycle next to other cyclists, if there is enough space and you don’t obstruct anyone else. A helmet isn’t mandatory. However, it is recommended for every cyclist. If you cycle for sports ambitions, reaching high speeds you should definitely wear a helmet. In the case of an accident, you are liable if you don’t wear a helmet.

It is often seen that cyclists use the pedestrian traffic lights. But this is actually illegal! Always use the traffic lights especially for cyclists. If there is no special traffic light, the traffic lights for the general traffic applies. Crossing a red traffic light may cause you heavy fines or even points on your traffic record. Same goes for drunk cycling. However, you are allowed to drink small amounts of alcohol and ride your bike, if you are still able to ride properly.

Always be aware, that big trucks and cars might not see you! It is always better to let a truck pass, than getting involved in an accident. If you encounter a crossroads without any traffic lights, the “right before left” rule applies. That means that if there’s a vehicle approaching from your right hand side, they may drive first. If there’s a vehicle approaching from your left hand side, you may go first.

It is allowed to use headphones or earplugs. But only with very low sound or only on one side. You need to make sure that you can hear the surrounding traffic. So never listen to music on sound absorbing headphones in traffic.

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