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70 percent of Berlin students have a side job. studierendenWERK offers various training courses and workshops for students that help them find employment, get along in the workplace and know their rights. We talked to coordinator Maria Dengel about the current programme.


by Celia Parbey

Can you introduce your service to the students?

We offer students several training courses on how to apply for a job. Here, students learn how to stand out from the crowd with their application documents and how to convince employers during a job interview. In our "Vocational orientation" workshop, students are invited to reflect on their interests and abilities. They try to get to the bottom of their professional desires and goals. This helps them plan their career after graduation. We also have numerous soft-skill training courses, with workshops such as time management, networking, project management, personal branding and a range of communication training courses.

What else do you offer?

In addition, we organise events related to finances. Our workshop "Basic Knowledge on Tax Return", which we offer in German and English, is particularly popular among students. At the end of November, we will be holding a workshop on "How to Apply for a Scholarship?” for the first time. Many students have already registered for that one.

In the subject area of law, we invite lawyers specialised in employment law to the training courses. They help to familiarise students with the most important legal regulations regarding working while studying. The topic "Self-employment for Students" will also be explained in a workshop. Overall, there is still a lot of potential to further expand our training courses. In the future, we would like to add some events concerning staying healthy while studying, for example.

Where can students find your offer?

Our offer can be found at Switch to English to filter the workshops held in English. We regularly publish brochures containing the semester’s programme. If you would like to receive our newsletter regularly, you can write an e-mail to

How can the students register?

For registration, we ask the students to fill out the online form on the website.

Is the offer free of charge?

All workshops and trainings are free of charge. However, there is a problem: For many students, anything free is considered less binding. This is why, for events that only allow a limited number of participants, our no-show rates are quite high, while many students remain on the waiting list. Therefore, an appeal to all students: If you cannot make it to the event, please send us a short e-mail in advance.

Which training course is currently the most popular among students?

The students' favourite is the workshop "Basic knowledge on Tax Return", which we also offer in English. Our instructor manages to convey this complex topic in a very compact and comprehensible manner.

Could you explain what happens at the workshop?

Our workshops, as well as most training courses, are very interactive. For example, the students in the self-employement course work with real forms from the tax office. In the course, it is explained step by step, which information belongs where since the bureaucratic language can often be unfamiliar and overwhelming. At the same time, the instructor answers numerous questions that often arise in the process. 


Maria Dengel, photo: Jana Judisch

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  • Study and Work
  • Basic Knowledge on Employment Law and Social Insurance Law
  • Basic Knowledge on Tax Return
  • CV-Check for International Students

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