Photo: Jana Judisch

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Photo: Jan Eric Euler/DSW

Goodbye Berlin!

The semester ends, so their days in Berlin end, too.
Photo: Sandra Neumann

Dos and Don’ts at your student residence

Living at the halls of residence with many different students in one place can be challenging at times. We asked two residence tutors and the administration manager for advice.
Photo: Jan Bitter

Meet the Residence Tutors

Residence tutors work at studierendenWERKs halls of residence to support their housemates. But what is this job actually like?
Photo: Jana Judisch

Lick Your Phone and Your Skin Will Glow

The ParisXBerlin 2019 artist residency culminated in a multidisciplinary exhibition that took an artistic approach to F.O.M.O.
Photo: Luise Wagener

Why “Mehrweg” is Better

Only “Mehrweg” bottles are sold at the Mensa. How does this policy contribute to saving the environment?
Photo: jarmoluk/ pixabay

Tax Declaration: Tips for Students

Here is what you need to know regarding filing your taxes in Germany as a student. Let’s rock it!
Photo: Jana Judisch/ STW BERLIN

Strike a pose: Voguing!

Since January 2018, the Büro Kultur & Internationales (BKI) of studierendenWERK BERLIN offers voguing classes and sessions. I have participated in one of the classes…
Alicja Patanowska
Foto: Daniela Kummle

Emerging Lines

The second exhibition in the series "Emerging Lines" was held at the end of April at the art space "Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße", presenting artworks of young artists from Paris, Berlin, Wroclaw, and Riga.
Photo: congerdesign

Fasting for Health: A Dietary Lifestyle

Fasting is much more ingrained in our daily lives than we think.
Foto: Sandra Neumann

Effective Communication in Daily Life

Communication is learned, therefore it is always embedded in cultural contexts. We communicate everyday, but learning effective skills can help us to improve our communication.
Foto: Didgeman/

Culture Shock: What is Pfand?

The international perspective: This column is dedicated to the more peculiar aspects of student life in Germany.
Photo: RitaE/ pixabay

Culture Shock: Vatertag (Father’s Day)

Tomorrow will be Father’s Day in Germany. Here is what baffles me about that day in Berlin.
Photo: Sandra Neumann

Summer Semester 2019: Taking the Students’ Pulse

What does the new semester look like from the student point of view? A reportage about the perks of university life, disappointing German classes, and how to navigate the challenges of academia.
Foto: stuhhl/ pixabay

Easter Fire – Osterfeuer!

What is Easter fire in Germany? Why do I find similarities between Easter and Nowruz?

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