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Writing impulse in June

Jumpstart your brain and pen

Do you sometimes find it difficult to start writing (in the morning)? Can't get started or do you feel unmotivated?

The writing impulse is our starting point for you! Each time we offer you a writing exercise that will help you get into writing and warm up your brain and hands. The creative-associative impulses can either relate to your current writing project or stimulate self-reflection on your writing habits; others serve more general well-being. The writing exercises can help you formulate new or previously unfinished thoughts and create new connections by giving you a specific perspective on your writing project, your writing habits or your (writing) feelings.

Direction: Writing tutors

Language: German

Format: Webex

Max. participants: 50



03.06.2024 up to 24.06.2024

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08: 30 09 to: 00 pm


  • Consulting
  • Advice: Writing advice
  • one day
  • Online
  • Tender

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is free