Single rooms temporarily vacant

Intermediate rent until 31. August. Apply now!

Due to the current situation, some programme students have not arrived. Therefore, some single rooms have become temporarily vacant from either now or May.


  1. It will only be a temoprary contract for intermediate rent.
  2. The contract ends on 31 August 2020.
  3. An extension is not possible.
  4. We cannot guarantee that we can offer you another place from 1 September 2020. 
  5. As always, we only rent out rooms to students currently enrolled at one of these Berlin universities


The following rooms are currently available:

Residence Allee der Kosmonauten

  • 4vacant places for woman
  • from 1 june until end of august
  • monthly rent from 225 euro up to 280 euro, deposit 337 – 420 euro

Residence Goerzallee

  • 10 vacant places,
  • from 1 June until end of april 2021
  • monthly rent 280 euro, deposit 420 euro

 Wohnheim Hallbauer Weg

  • 20 vacant places 
  • from 1 June until end of february 2021
  • monthly rent 250,00 euro, deposit 375,00 euro




How does it work?

  • You already have applied for a room at studierendenWERK's residences? Then just send an email to
  • You have never applied for a room at our residences? Please do so now using our housing portal. The application will be processed online. Once you have filed your application, send an email to