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These canteens resume operation

studierenendenWERK will provide advance booking for meals on campus

In October, selected canteens at many university locations will start operating in a coronavirus-compatible manner. This means that in these facilities it will be possible to obtain food on advance order.

Due to the current situation regarding the infection rate in Berlin, studierenWERK BERLIN has decided not to allow on-site consumption in its facilities for the time being.

We know that our canteens are places of encounter. Since the risk of an infection with the Covid-19 virus exists especially in places where people stay together for a longer period of time, we cannot guarantee that the stay in our canteens is free of infection risks despite all measures taken.

We also hope that the campus will soon become a place again where people can learn, research and, yes, eat together. Until then, we are playing it safe and will offer our meals exclusively for pick-up.


The following facilities will start operating in October:


Starting 5 October 2020:

Click & Collect – pre-order and pic-kup ONLY (no seats!):


Starting 19 Oktober 2020:

Click & Collect – pre-order and pic-kup ONLY (no seats!):




What is important to know?

  • Advance booking is only possible until 12 noon the previous day. We need this advance notice to be able to prepare everything. We really only precook as many portions as have been ordered. This way we avoid waste and act economically.
  • With the preorder we record the guest data in advance. This saves you having to enter your data on site and allows for a faster process on site.  
  • Meals are served pre-packaged. Because we split the teams into weekly shifts (so that operations can continue if a shift has to be quarantined), full canteen operation is not yet possible. There are not enough people on site to operate the sculleries. There is an extra charge for packaging.