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Added value for you and society through volunteering

You want to get involved socially and culturally, gain your first professional experience and realize your own potential?

Volunteering enables you to acquire practical skills and competencies, is a lot of fun, and is welcomed by future employers.

Find an organization that deals with specific social issues and suits you.
You will bring new knowledge to this organization and thus create added value for society.

At the same time, you get to know new people and Berlin.

Here are our recommendations for external offers on this topic:

  • vostel

    The digital engagement platform with heart.
    Many of the digital and analog engagement opportunities on the platform require little or no knowledge of German. In addition, there are both short-term/one-time assignments (e.g., serving neighborhood meals to homeless people) and long-term/regular projects (e.g., assisting/organizing events for educational equity), depending on individual time budgets.

  • bürgeraktiv Berlin

    As part of the Berlin state portal "Berlin.de", "bürgeraktiv" supports the efforts of the Berlin Senate to promote engagement and democracy in Berlin.

  • Freiwilligenagenturen der Berliner Bezirke

    Berlin's volunteer agencies bring people who want to volunteer together with those who need support. This makes them important partners for local people - and for more than 1,600 organizations in the city with which they work. There is a volunteer agency in every district.

Photos: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN