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200 Euro grant for students has started

Zuschuss muss online beantragt werden

The energy allowance for students

Since March 15, students can apply for the one-time energy price allowance of 200 euros.

Students who were enrolled at a university or college as of Dec. 1, 2022, can apply. This also includes students in dual, part-time or distance learning programs, international students, doctoral students and even students on leave of absence.

For the application are necessary:

  • the access code of the university (the universities have been sending these since March 15). Since this mailing is done in tranches, especially at large institutions, some students may have to wait a little longer for their access codes.
  • a "Bund ID" - this can be obtained in one of three ways
    • Registration with online ID function (via el. ID card, electronic residence permit or eID card for EU citizens)
    • Registration with ELSTER CERTIFICATE
    • Registration with a PIN, which is also provided by the university in addition to the access code (in this case, the simple Bund-ID with username and password is sufficient).

Can all Berlin students register with the PIN?

We have received a lot of feedback in advance from students who, for various reasons, are unable or find it difficult to obtain the Bund ID via electronic ID. The question therefore often came up whether all students will also receive a PIN from their university. Unfortunately, we at studierendenWERK BERLIN do not know. The state of Berlin has left it up to the universities whether they also provide a PIN in addition to the access code.

We have asked all of our cooperating universities how they feel about this. In the following overview, we have compiled the findings (not all universities have answered yet) and will continue to add to this compilation as we learn more.

For students whose universities do NOT provide a PIN, we have summarized all important steps in the videos below (english versions can be watched on our INSTAGRAM Channel:

The Freie Universität refers to the following info pages for questions:

In addition to the access code, the university will also provide students with the PIN - it will therefore NOT be necessary to apply for the extensive Bund ID.

If you have any questions about the PIN or the access code, especially if people have not received it (this can happen especially if they are already exmatriculated), please contact


The HWR has not yet been able to provide the access data. According to their system provider, this will be the case on March 17. After successful login, students will be able to access and download both documents (access code and PIN) directly from the university's internal student portal - it will therefore NOT be necessary to apply for the extensive Bund ID. All required information is stored in the student system. These are
only accessible after successful login. Therefore, a link at this point is unfortunately not possible. Students can use the contact options within the system. Technical and content-related support is provided on a case-by-case basis. However, there is no separate e-mail address for support.

The Weissensee University has already sent the info mails with the codes, also the PIN will be sent directly all, but in a separate mail.
An application for the extensive Bund ID will NOT be necessary here.
There is currently feedback that some mails have not arrived (landed in SPAM and the like), here the colleagues are working under high pressure!

An info page is up and running:

The UdK Berlin has sent the access data to the students today. The info letter with the PIN will be sent on 20.3.23. An application for the extensive Bund ID will NOT be necessary here, you just have to be a little patient.

The university has posted an info page:

The Berlin University of Applied Sciences has provided the access data and also the PIN, an infomail was already sent to all students on March 14, 2023.
An application for the extensive Bund ID will therefore NOT be necessary here.
The university informs on

The Technical University has sent both the access code and the additional PIN - this in two separate mails. Some students have received it a bit later, some are still waiting - but this should all be done soon for everyone.
So applying for the extensive Bund ID will NOT be necessary here.

There is also an info page, you can find it here:

The access data necessary for the application have been made available, after logging into the student portal AGNES. Two letters are immediately made available via the portal, one containing the access code, the second the PIN. As far as we cannot reach the students by e-mail or they are already exmatriculated, they will receive the access code and - with a delay of one week - the PIN by mail. The corresponding information page can be found at; a contact option is also stored there ( The students were informed by e-mail on 15.3.23.


The HTW has placed an access code and PIN in the LFS for its students.
So the way via the simple Bund ID is also possible here.

The university has published a website containing further information:

The university has sent the access codes with an information letter about the procedure.
We do not know whether they have also sent the additional PIN. If you have not received this - it is best to ask the university directly!


The KHSB has started sending out the access codes and the additional PIN on March 15, 2023.
It points out that the dispatch to all students can take the whole day - so you may have to be a little patient. However, the way to do this is also via the simple Bund ID.

Every authorized student with an active Charité e-mail address will receive two consecutive e-mails with the access code and PIN on March 15. Here, too, it is possible to use the simple Bund ID.
Students who are authorized but already exmatriculated will receive the access data separately by mail.

The university sent out access codes and PIN (so the simplified way is also possible here) on March 16.

If students have any questions, they can contact the university's Student Services.