Get Together

'Get Togethers' are our events where you can easily meet fellow students, exchange views, discover Berlin or simply have a good time with friends. Our Get Togethers are very interesting for international students, as they can discover Berlin and meet open minded people who are interested in intercultural exchanges.

The Get Together programme focusses on what people have in common, like common interests and activities, regardless from where they come from. Through mutual exchange and respect, the participants get to discover new cultures and inspiring mindsets.

A very popular way to both make friends and to discover Berlin, is to take part in one of the many CultureTrips or to participate in one of our scavenger hunts. If you are more of an indoor person, you might love our pub quiz. And if you love to grace your fellow students with your beautiful voice, then come to a Karaoke night! 

There are so many possibilities to have fun and to meet new people - just check our Event Calendar! for current events.

Get Together Events

Photo: Scott Webb, Pexels, CC0

Photo: Scott Webb, Pexels, CC0

New country, new city, new university, new environment? Great! With our Get Together Events you can get to know new people quickly!

Fun and shared experiences are our top priority. You will get to know other students and experience fun evenings with them. From game evenings to clothes swap and karaoke evenings: every semester you can expect an exciting compilation of social and interactive events.

Always following the motto: widen your social circle!

The Get Together series will be held in English and is designed for international use, therefore communication is not a problem. You can attend seperately one event or visit several events. We're already looking forward to meeting you more often!


Photo: STW Berlin

Photo: STW Berlin

Explorations in the depths of Berlin's underworld, a day at the sea, abseiling in a climbing forest, a pub crawl in multi-cultural Kreuzberg or a visit to the former Stasi jail Hohenschönhausen: Berlin is best discovered in company. And our CultureTrips offer very reasonable prices. 

The BKI office regularly organises a variety of trips & tours for students during the lecture periods. These activities are a great opportunity to discover new things with fellow students and to make new friends.

Welcome to Berlin & Celebrate Berlin

Photo: S. Wedemeyer // STW Berlin

Photo: S. Wedemeyer // STW Berlin

The events "Welcome to Berlin“ and "Celebrate Berlin" aim to present the diverse culture of Berlin to newly incoming and particulary international students and to give student artists the possibility to perform in front of an amazing international audience. Come, enjoy the show and get into contact with new people!

In the summer semester the BKI organizes the event Celebrate Berlin. It doesn’t matter which form of expression you prefer: street art, literature, fashion or music, whether you perform, dance or sing. Participate as you want! An interesting supporting program and great food will be prepared for you. Celebrate Berlin! We celebrate Berlin and its diversity!

In the winter semester the BKI organizes the event "Welcome to Berlin". Berlin can be confusing at the beginning. There's culture on every corner and there's something going on everywhere. Through a kind of mini Berlin festival, which only takes place on one evening, we ask ourselves what makes Berlin so special and want to present its various facets. With our event, we want to show how diverse and lively Berlin's student cultural scene is and therefore invite student artists from Berlin to present their talents. So come, see the acts, eat and meet new people!

If you would like to perform yourself or have any questions or suggestions, please send us an e-mail to

We are looking forward to see you!


Realized Projects

Photo: STW Berlin

Photo: STW Berlin

Since our foundation we have organized and realized many different Get Together projects and events for you.

A successful series of events of the BKI were for example the "food&culture" events.

The food&culture event series built a bridge between cultures. Students from one country, region or cultural area presented their cultural peculiarities to their fellow students. Each student act presented a colourful programme with dance, music, performance and many other activities. In addition, there was typical local food.

The events took us:

  • 2018 to the Baltic States
  • 2017 to Greece
  • 2016 to Central America and Mexico as well as Syria and Nepal
  • 2015 to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and to the countries and regions of East Africa
  • 2014 to China

Other projects from our Get-Together event series that have already been realized include our Christmas and flea markets and our scavenger hunt adventure. In addition, the "Kulturtandem Berlin" project allowed students from different cultures to get to know each other and undertake activities together that they also documented on Instagram.