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Internship / FSJ / Trainee Child Carer

Internship at studierendenWERK BERLIN

We offer internships in the various disciplines. We regularly have a need for dedicated trainees in the areas of educational support funding, controlling, day care centers and in personnel development/personnel marketing.

If you are interested in another subject, please do not hesitate to ask us. For inquiries or for sending us your complete application documents, please email us to:

We will need time to prepare your internship properly. Please support us by sending your enquiry to us a good amount of time prior to your internship.


  • Processing of fines (from hearings to decisions)
  • Dealing with cases of administrative litigation
  • Dealing with criminal charges
  • The training centre directory
  • Working on PR topics

Personal requirements:

  • Applicant is studying Public Administration at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin)
  • Mandatory internship within the studies
  • Ability to acquire new knowledge independently

Minimum duration of the internship: 6 months

Number of internships offered: 1 per semester

Contact person: Andreas Schmalfeld

Paid internship


Support for ongoing Controlling tasks such as:

  • Project processing and calculations
  • Internet research
  • Productivity calculations
  • Long-term planning

Personal requirements:

  • Applicant studies Business Administration or Economics or/and has experience in Controlling

Minimum duration of the internship: 6 weeks

Paid internship


  • Settling-in and care of children from those aged 8 weeks to those about to start school
  • Help with the organisation of projects, school trips and kita parties

Personal requirements:

  • You enjoy taking care of children
  • You are empathetic, reliable and friendly
  • You are training as a child carer and are looking for a place to do your elective internship

Minimum duration of the internship: 4 weeks


  • Cultural and event management, project work
  • Event production
  • Visuals

Personal requirements:

  • Interest in artistic-creative projects, cultural work and intercultural issues.
  • Students who wish to gain experience in culture management, and event management, and event technology
  • Teamwork, interest in working autonomously and dealing with increasing challenges, and willingness to work evening hours are basic requirements
  • Multilingualism, an international CV and experiences in cultural work, catering, events, etc. are an advantage
  • Compulsory internship

Minimum duration of the internship: 4 months

Contact Person: Frank Thinnes

Internship pay: €600 / moth


  • Supporting project work
  • Research and drafting
  • Putting together correspondence
  • Evaluation of figures

Personal requirements:

  • Students who wish to complete a compulsory internship (discipline: Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising, Communication, advanced training)

Minimum duration of the internship: 3 months

Contact person: Alexandra Müller

Paid internship



  • Informing and counselling on the topics of student financing and studying with children
  • Advice for international students
  • Intercultural work (e.g. country tutor)
  • Own project (e.g. planning and implementation of a workshop, editing of an information brochure)

Personal requirements:

  • Compulsory internship in the study course Social Work
  • Interest in social law counselling
  • Ability to acquire new knowledge independently
  • Ability to work in a team

Minimum duration of the internship: 5 months

Contact person: Julia Türke

Paid internship


  • You will learn all the responsibilities of a child carer in a day care center


  • MSA degree as a minimum
  • Completed training course/apprenticeship
  • Confirmation of a place at a recognised technical college
  • Initial experiences in professional childcare (e.g. internship)

Part-time employment: 19.5h – 28h per week

Locations: All day care centers of studierendenWERK BERLIN

Application: Filling out the online form or e-mail to

Here you can easily apply online for an internship or as a Child Care Trainee. Please fill out the application form and upload your complete documents.


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Voluntary Social Year

studierendenWERK BERLIN offers young adults the opportunity to complete a voluntary social year in a day-care centre or in the culture department.

Requirements: The 27th year of life may not yet be completed

Time period of the voluntary social year: 1 September – 31 August of the following year

Holidays: 26 days

Allowance: Yes

Social Voluntary Year in a day care center

Responsible institution: Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd)

Places offered: 8

Application period: Until July

Application on:

Social Voluntary Year in the Office for Cultural & International Affairs

Responsible institution: Landesvereinigung kulturelle Jugendbildung Berlin e.V. (LKJ)

Places offered: 1

Application period: 1 January until 31 March

Application on: