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Contemporary dance

In this workshop you can move to the music and focus on yourself and your body. The workshop helps to switch off from everyday life.

In this workshop, we'll play with dance concepts. Concepts from different styles are used. The point is to guide the body in a (dance) direction with the help of imagination and other methods. The leader provides food for thought and - if desired - variable movement patterns.

The participants are encouraged to go into the contemporary style, but at the same time their own movement qualities can flow in. It is irrelevant whether or not they have already had experience in dance. Depending on how they feel, participants can move themselves out of their comfort zone. It is important that the body remains harmonious and as fluid as possible.

The Contemporary Dance course is an one-time movement workshop in our "Movement Workshops" series.

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05 May 2021


08:00 PM to 09:20 PM


  • Course
  • Stage & Music




BKI - Office Culture & International Affairs



0 Berlin

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