Plakat: Sascha Vajnstajn

Performance: "Wir erinnern uns"

Do you still remember all the most important moments of your life? Is it that easy? In this play the attempt is dared - 3G proof required

The piece is a free work by Sascha Vajnstajn on the topic of memory culture and was staged with students of the UdK and other freelance players.

With "Wir erinnern uns" the players enter their world of memory and dare to try to remember all the important moments in their lives. Can they succeed? What are important memories and what are not? To what extent does remembering the Shoa belong to the players' world of memory and what forms of commemoration are chosen? You can expect a collage of personal memories and the experiment of deconstructing certain forms of remembrance.

3 G-Principle: Please bring your proof of vaccination, a negative test result or proof that you have recovered!

Playing with:

Ruth Bayerl
Marie Meinzenbach
Marti Fischer
Alina Jeschkowski
Sarah Labots
Game director:

Sascha Vajnstajn


15 October 2021


07:30 PM to 08:30 PM


  • Stage & Music


for free


BKI - Office Culture & International Affairs


FREIRAUM im Studentenhaus
Hardenbergstraße 35
10623 Berlin