Foto: Zeliha Cikrikci

Presentation „Madly in love with comics?!"

Zeliha Cikrikci, Alumna of the ISB, tells about the origin of comics in France, Belgium and the USA and about their particular development tendencies depending on the given geopolitical situation and current peculiarities. What is the secret behind the success of the BD? Why are so many 6- to 99-year-old fans so "madly in love"? Many questions, which will be the topic of this evening by means of different comic handouts. This lecture is aimed at those who like intrigues "a little different". To the children in us, to the artists and to the travel enthusiasts. The world of comics leads us through time and space and opens up new perspectives on the eternally open questions of religion, ethics, politics and art.

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17 October 2019


07:00 PM to 09:00 PM


  • International


BKI - Büro Kultur & Internationales


ISB - Internationales Studienzentrum Berlin
Theodor-Heuss-Platz 5
14052 Berlin