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Voguing Session

Strike a pose!

Admission: 6 PM
Start: 7 PM

During the Voguing Session in the Freiraum more than 30 Berlin students will be walking. For one semester they learned the basics of the most important Voguing styles and categories: Vogue-Fem, Old Way, New Way, Face, Runway, and, and, and....

The course was led by activists of the Berlin ballroom scene: Christopher Saint Laurent and Victoria Markiewicz aka LaToria Arise.

Judges: LaQuefa 007 I Ray 007 I Ria 007

MC: Leo 007

Hosts: Christopher Angles & LaToria 007

DJ: @ttneana

Voguing balls are important social places for the community. They are dance battles that take place between family-like educated communities, the "Houses". The Houses often bear brand names or names from pop culture, e.g. House of Dior, House of Ninja, House of Xtravaganza, etc. and compete against each other in various categories. It's about attitude, the best moves and costumes, but also about mutual recognition, respect and empowerment.

Categories Order and Themes:
1. VIRGIN European Runway - FF, BQ - Princess Peach is a character of Super Mario. Serve us your High-Fashion creation of Princess Peach and bring it with an umbrella or a crown.
2. VIRGIN All American Runway - MF, FF - We know Donky Kong as a strong figther, always with a tie. Serve us this character of Super Mario and don't forget your tie!
3. Realness with a Twist - BQ - Princess Zelda is a beautiful girl with a secret. She is a strong figther, but is not allowed to show this side, she must to appear in her alterego Sheik. Can you switch from ninja to princess?
4. Face - FF, MF, Non-Binary - Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Sciencefiction fiction game Meteorid Prime. Reveal your face from a helmet or a gun and surprise us with your beauty behind your armour.
5. Hands Performance & Arms Control - OTA - Luigi is a smart guy and Super Mario's brother. Put on some gloves and a cappie and tell us your story about Luigi.
6. Old Way - OTA - Link is an other warrior of The Legend of Zelda and one of the good. Bring it with a prop (shield, bow and arrow, wip, crystal ball, …) and be the hero!
7. New Way - OTA - Chun Li is the first female warrior figure of Street Fighter. Give it up to female power and show us some stretch. Bring it in an outfit with blue elements and wristlets.
8. Best Dressed Spectator - Spectators Only - Open to All Spectators
9. Lip Sync - OTA - Pumeluff is one of the good-looking, but dangerous Pokémon... with the secret power of sweet singing... Enchant us with your beautiful Lip Sync. Please send us your chosen song until wednesday (29.01.), the length is 2min.
10. Realness - MF, FF - Pokemón are obstinate creatures with powerful skills. Controlling them is therefore not easy and requires skills and self-confidence. Bring it as one of the trainers - Ash or Misty.
11. VIRGIN Old Way - OTA - Toon Link is the younger version of Link from The Legend of Zelda. If you are a Virgin in Old Way, bring it as Toon Link with a prop (shield, bow and arrow, whip, crystal ball, …) and show us this young hero!
12. VIRGIN New Way - OTA - Dhalsim is a mystic character in Streetfighter. Within his Yogi-skills he got elastic arms and legs. We wanna see you stretch and perform in yellow pants or with a neckless with sculls, gold accessories... get inspired!
13. European Runway (Advanced) - FF, BQ - Princess Daisy slays in Super Mario with her cute looks in yellow. Serve us some fashion inspired by this character and don't forget your umbrella or a crown...
14. All American Runway (Advanced) - FF, MF - Link is a true hero in The Legend of Zelda, this time we want to see his green fighter look incorporated in your remarkable fashion idea. Because hard physical activities never stop a hero from looking good!
15. VIRGIN Vogue Fem - FF, BQ - Do you know Pichu? This is the baby-version of Pikachu... serve us over-cuteness in light yellow and black with red cheeks.
16. Sex Siren - FF, MF, Lion Babe - Ivy from Soul Calibur is a damn sexy fighter. Bring it with her remarkable white hair and use a whip, if you like. Strength is sexy! (Filming during this category is NOT allowed as a courtesy to the participants.)
17. Dance Off - OTA - Little cute Kirby appears in pink, but can transform into and appereance. We want to see you step out on the runway in pink and be ready to dance to music, serving any style except Voguing... can you transform?
18. Vogue Fem Performance - FF, BQ - Pikachu of course appears in yellow cu(n)teness... but you better be aware of their super-power in electricity! Show us your electric performence in a cunty yellow (with black) outfit and red cheeks.

Foto: Sophia Wedemeyer / STW Berlin


30 January 2020


07:00 PM to 10:00 PM


  • Stage & Music


opcional contribution


BKI - Büro Kultur & Internationales


FREIRAUM im Studentenhaus
Hardenbergstraße 35
10623 Berlin

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