Collage: E.-M. Unglaube

Visceral Collectivities - Vernissage 15 Sep, 5 pm

Group exhibition at KUNSTRAUM Potsdamer Straße - During Berlin Art Week 2021

Painting, Collage, Drawing, Multimedia - with artists from UdK and KHB!

Vernissage: 15 Sep 2021, 5 pm - 9 pm - 3G regulation required here
Opening hours Exhibition: 16 - 19 Sep 2021, 3 pm - 8 pm

"Being forced to reconnect to the indoors has gone far beyond the technically spatial - confrontations with the self (patterns, biographical details that had so far gone undermined, needs, urges, tendencies…) have led to a whole new approach in reflection towards who we are in the world and who the world is in us.

While our role as art-workers seems to be deemed as trivial and vain, we can’t help but wonder about how to stay relevant without neglecting the urgent matters of ‘now’. Are we powerless, or are we the future? Are we individually stuck, or are we in fact building a new ‘togetherness’ in this shared spiral of unexpected events?

The introspective (yet collective) concerns and series of implosions we’ve all had during the last thousands of hours of forced reclusion from our ‘normalities’ have been the starting point from the works featured in this exhibition. And it thus feels very much as what it quite frankly is: a cathartic redemption, a restitution of hope, and an intimate portrayal of how we’ve all coped." (Statement by the artists)

Artists: Cora Marin (KHB), Yves Haltner (UdK), Paula Schwabe (KHB), Eva Maria Unglaube (KHB), Om Bori (UdK), Niklas Apfel (UdK), Dana Kirijak (KHB), Kiwan Choi (KHB)