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Dark Week: Let's tune in and share. Yoga and reflection (2G)

The aftermath of Corona and the darkness of autumn are stressful for everyone. With the "Dark Week" theme week, you get a programme to take precautions for your health and to encounter depressive moods better.

You find it hard to relax and be in the moment once there is silence around you? But you can't meditate because your "mind is always wandering”? Join this workshop if you tend to always distract yourself or reach for your phone when you’re alone.

We will practice yoga - simple yoga elements, no funky bending or headstands - and talk about what thoughts and feelings come up when we pause, tune in. How can we deal with them; can they be given space? How do I feel when I express them to others?

This group includes yoga elements, for which you don't need any previous experience but an openness to try.
Please wear comfortable clothes for the workshop.

Key info Workshop:

  • Meeting point: 5 pm at the Infopoint of the entrance hall Hardenbergstraße
  • Time: tuesday, 30 Nov 2021, 5.15-7.15 Uhr, Workshop in presence (2G)
  • Language: English
  • Direction: M.A.-Psych. Stella Schreiber

A binding registration for the course is only possible for students of our partner universities.

Registration: E-Mail to s.schreiber@stw.berlin

Please attach a certificate of enrolment when registering!

Click here for the entire Dark Week programme.


30 November 2021


05:15 PM to 07:15 PM


  • Dark Weeks
  • Workshop


For free with registration


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