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4 walls, a theatre project by ,,die Freispieler''

Online short film project by the theatre group „Die Freispieler“

12 people live in the same house. For how long? Forever. They don't know each other. Everybody lives within their own four walls. They've forgotten what longing feels like. Until one of them wakes up and can't fall asleep anymore...

In several online group meetings, individual coaching sessions and filming days, the ,,Freispieler'' will work together to create a short film based on the characters from the performance "Hotel Lichtblick" from February 2020. Together they will search for a poetic visual language on the theme of loneliness and the longing for connection with one's own wishes/desires and the other who is so close and seems so far away.




19 July 2020


06:00 PM to 08:00 PM


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  • Stage & Music




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