Junge Leute sitzen in einer Runde und reden miteinander.
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Dark Week: "In Persona. once again in person." - Workshop for presenting after Lockdown (2G) [Only in German]

The aftermath of Corona and the darkness of autumn are stressful for everyone. With the "Dark Week" theme week, you get a programme to take precautions for your health and to encounter depressive moods better.

Coffee breaks between lectures, a sense of community, daily structure, studying together in the library, going out... these are only a fraction of the things that were not possible at all or only possible to a very limited extent in the past three semesters. These limitations and uncertainties have left their mark on many people, especially students. In a protected setting, we can exchange views - in persona - about the challenges and after-effects of this time. Together, we also want to dare to look ahead - to the obstacles that remain and what can support us in dealing with them.

Key info Workshop:

  • Meeting point: 3 pm at the Infopoint of the entrance hall Hardenbergstraße
  • Time: Friday, 26 Nov 2021 3-5.15 pm, Workshop in presence (2G)
  • Language: German
  • Direction: M.A.-Psych. Stefanie Scholz

A binding registration for the course is only possible for students of our partner universities.

Registration: E-Mail to s.scholz@stw.berlin 

Please attach a certificate of enrolment when registering!

Click here for the entire Dark Week programme.


26 November 2021


03:00 PM to 05:15 PM


  • Dark Weeks
  • Workshop


For free with registration


Gruppenraum Psychologisch-Psychotherapeutische Beratung
Hardenbergstraße 34
10623 Berlin