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Fassade by the Freispieler

Theatre play in Freiraum

Do what everyone else does. Don't be pushy. Don't look your fellow man in the eye too long. Take a neutral to friendly facial expression.

15 actors deal with the topic personality and identity in the current play "Fassade" (facade). What is actually normal? Which behaviour, which convictions are accepted and when do you fall out of the frame? What happens when you wake up and notice that you have been in the wrong film or role the whole time? 15 characters search for each other and find everything except normality.

Actors: Alina Klisch, Lucca Alina Meinke, Miguel Trigo Narbona, Jacob Segler, Antonia Katharina Wieder, Raphael Olesch, Bertrand Sindelar, Bianca Othmann, Svenja Kern, Anna Daniels, Nils Eichler, Lena Caroline Schulz, Johanna Mirea, Emilio Tito, Felix Pfisterer

Director: Tanja Otolski

The play will be in German.

Performance dates: 4 / 5 / 6 July each at 8 pm


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04 July 2019 to 06 July 2019


08:00 PM to 09:00 PM


  • Stage & Music


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BKI - Büro Kultur & Internationales


FREIRAUM im Studentenhaus
Hardenbergstraße 35
10623 Berlin

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