Foto: Finja Sander

EINSTAND - Performance at Steinplatz

by the artists Finja Sander and Daniel M.E. Schaal

„That is why we prefer the hunt to the capture.“ (Blaise Pascal)

1900 square metres of painter's film. A six-hour performative intervention. The Steinplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg is taken over performatively for the first time.

Between passers-by, tourists and speeding cars, Finja Sander and Daniel M.E. Schaal show their new work "EINSTAND". In the midst of the park-like panopticon, the green space becomes a new habitat for art.

EINSTAND, a performance by Finja Sander and Daniel M.E. Schaal, curated by Jakob Urban for KUNSTRAUM Steinplatz. Sunday, 19.09.2021 from 11:00 - 17:00.