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DIVERSITY WEEK: Writing workshop

Writing as Selfcare: Finding Time Off and Strength

For some of us, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism, classism, queerphobia and/or other forms of discrimination are a constant companion in our everyday lives. What makes us feel good when things are not going well for us? What gives us support when things are shaking around us and bubbling up inside us? Despite or even because of the burden of experiences of discrimination, it is important to look at what is beautiful, motivating and perhaps even funny. In this workshop we would like to explore these thoughts by writing, reading and speaking in a safer space for students with experiences of discrimination. With a selection of creative writing prompts, we want to blow off some steam, escape the daily grind and create joy. There is no artistic requirement and the subsequent reading aloud or sharing of the resulting texts is voluntary. Just bring a notebook, pen(s), openness and respect for the texts and experiences of the other participants.

Max. 15 participants

The workshop is in German.


At our Diversity Week, we want to give different student realities space and visibility. It should give you a first, but not conclusive impression of what diversity stands for: Experience on our CultureTrips how queer life, but also racism, is inscribed in the Berlin cityscape, or visit one of the workshops on the topics of intersectionality, empowerment and self-care. We are looking forward to see you there!




24 June 2022


12:00 PM to 02:00 PM


  • Diversity
  • Workshop


For free


Kulturwerk Berlin und Schreibzentrum Berlin


Konferenzraum 2, Mensagebäude 1. Etage
Hardenbergstraße 34
10623 Berlin