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Call: Writer-in-Residence for Berlin Stories

We're looking for the next student writer-in-residence for 2024!

Once again, we're looking for one or two student writer(s)-in-residence who'll write about Berlin. It doesn't matter if your format of choice is poetry or short stories, essay or comic - as long as you writer literary texts focused on life in the capital. if the jury picks you, you send us between two and four texts per month and receive a monthly study & work stipend. The texts will be published on our Berlin Stories blog and in the literary anthology that we release every three years. You will read at the baton passing ceremony on January 26th and at our Lies Los events, additionally we'll support you while you work on a final project.

How can you apply?

Hand in your letter of motivation (1 page) and your literary sampel (3 pages) via the online form. Put an abbreviation on both your literary sample and your letter of motivation that you also put into the name of the files you upload. Use the first two letters of your first and last names and up to four numbers for the abbreviation. Please make sure that your actual name does not appear on your literary sample. Applications where the name appears in the text sample file will not be passed on to the jury members. Feel free to also talk about your biographical-social background and your previous writing experiences in your letter of motivation. 

For the first time ever, our jury members will receive only the literary samples at first and only receive the letters of motivation when they have selected a personal long list. This way, we want to ensure that the focus is on the literary quality of the work, work against unconscious bias the jury members have and support emerging and marginalised voices within the literary world.

We will contact the chosen writer(s)-in-residence and the short list shortly before Christmas. 

More information on the Project

Application - Hard Facts:

Please hand in the following documents to apply for the spot as our writer-in-residence 2024.

- a current certificate of enrollment from one of our partner universities

- a literary sample:

- a PDF with a maximum of three pages
- without your full name in the name of the document or its' header/footer
- with an abbreviation consisting of the first two letters of your first and family name and up to four numbers in the name of the document and its header/footer
- eg: Jane Doe becomes JADO161
- main language: German or English

- letter of motivation:

- a maximum one page PDF
- with the same abbreviation as the literary sample


pdf: Teilnahmebedingungen Berlin Stories (154.53 KB)


Teilnahmebedingungen/Terms of participation*:

Datenschutz/Data protection*:

Wie hast du von dem Angebot erfahren? / How did you find out about this project?*:


10 December 2023


12:01 AM to 11:59 PM


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