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Exhibition "The city opens the windows (its eyes)"

The exhibition of the writer-in-residence of Berlin Stories 2019, Josephine Bätz, combines texts with photographs.

"The city sleeps. Uneasily, and pulls its windows open a bit too suddenly when getting up. As soon as we wake, it holds still. Smuggles the trams into our nervous systems until we stumble from the weight. We breathe neon, it pushes against our eardrums from within. Tread carefully when passing shops to avoid startling them - they are diurnal or maybe they have gotten used to their opening hours. If we focus for long enough, all the streetlights and  lamps and windows glow in the same light." (Josephine Bätz)

The exhibition shows photographs and texts by the writer-in-residence of Berlin Stories 2019, Josephine Bätz. The works can be seen from Monday to Friday in the ART SPACE Hardenbergstr. (Mensa Veggie 2.0) during the opening hours.

With the first student writer-in-residence project in Germany, Berlin Stories, we want to capture the specific perspective of Berlin students on their city over a longer period of time. Every year, a different writer-in-residence is selected by an independent jury. We publish the resulting texts on our Berlin Stories Blog and on the cafeteria screens of the studierendenWERK BERLIN.


08 January 2020 to 31 March 2020


11:00 AM to 03:30 PM


  • Kunstraum
  • Literature


for free


BKI - Büro für Kultur und Internationales


KUNSTRAUM Hardenbergstraße
Mensa Veggi 2.0, Hardenbergstr. 34
10623 Berlin

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