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We are very happy that you have decided to study in Berlin! Berlin is the city with the most international students in Germany! You will find all the information you need as an international student in Germany – from the preparation to questions about the end of your studies – on the official website of the Deutsches Studentenwerk. On this website, we are informing you about the necessary details to successfully start your student live in Berlin and we’re introducing you to the special offers in studierendenWERK BERLIN for international students.

Latest news about Corona

Latest news about Corona

We kindly ask all students to be precautious and cooperative. In particular, we ask all students who are travelling or returning from abroad or are planning a trip abroad to inform themselves thoroughly on the topic of COVID-19.

For this purpose, we have provided you with a range of information and references to reliable institutional sources regarding coronavirus.If you have any questions, please contact Current information about measures against Corona at Berlin universities (only German) & Latest news regarding COVID-19 in Berlin 

Robert-Koch-Institut: International risk areas & various information about COVID-19       

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst: Information for studens (advises to not travel into any risk area)


On this page, we answer all other questions that students have asked us in the context of the corona situation. We update this list daily.

Q & A

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) currently advises against travelling to areas at risk (page four). This applies both to students and employees who are planning a stay abroad. Students who are already abroad (Erasmus or worldwide) are recommended to return to Germany from the countries also dealing with COVID-19. Please inform the international office of the university and cancel your registration with your host university via e-mail. Ask for a confirmation of your stay (letter of confirmation).

The visa service is suspended until further notice.

If you need an extension of your stay but cannot get an appointment at the State Residents' Office (Landeseinwohneramt), there is no problem at the moment. According to the State Residents' Office, temporary residence permits and visas are considered to be permanent, i.e. they remain valid (see source).


For information on exams, compulsory attendance courses, homework, etc. please refer to the website of your university.

The Berlin universities strongly advise all students who are currently in risk areas to break off their stay and return to Germany immediately.

Students should contact their home university and the health department of their home town in Germany before departure.

International exchange students (incomings) who are already in Berlin are advised to break off their stay.

International exchange students (incomings) who have not yet arrived are strongly advised to postpone their stay.

Further information can be found on the websites of the respective universities:

What is the studierendenWERK BERLIN?

What is the studierendenWERK BERLIN?    

The studierendenWERK is responsible for supporting the social, economic and cultural interests of all students in Berlin. For many international students this may sound very abstract at first since in most countries the universities or colleges are responsible for these tasks: Each university takes care of its own dormitories or canteens and it takes over the complete care of the students themselves. However, in Berlin (and in other cities in Germany) this is centrally regulated by one institution. The studierendenWERK BERLIN looks after around 170,000 students from 20 colleges and universities.

What is the studierendenWERK BERLIN offering to international students?

The studierendenWERK BERLIN has 33 student residences in Berlin that can house 9,500 students. Living in one of the dormitories of the studierendenWERK is a great opportunity to get to know German and international students from different universities. Therefore, many international students apply for a room or apartment in one of our student residences. The apartments are very much in demand (as is currently the case with housing in Berlin). That is why there is unfortunately a longer waiting period.

For more information with descriptions and photos of the housing options, current prices and for applying for an appartment in one of our halls of residences, please visit the website Housing.

In some student residences, residence tutors support the integration of international students in Berlin. They help with organizational issues. They also organize events such as soccer tournaments and regular meetings, e.g. joint breakfasts, where the dormitory residents* can get to know each other.

For international students, the programme of the BKI - Office for Culture & International Affairs of the studierendenWERK is particularly interesting. Here yout have numerous opportunities to get to know other students and to be creative yourself! We are offering leisure activities and activities to get to know each other. You can also visit events & courses in the fields of art, stage & music, film and literature. In general, all offers are well suited for international students to try out and develop their own creativity or to experience student art.

Our Get-Together series is especially designed for international students and students who are new to Berlin. Each semester, the events "Welcome to Berlin" and "Celebrate Berlin" take place alternately to give newbies an impression of Berlin's vibrant student cultural scene. There are also regular get-together events. Fun and shared experiences are the top priority. Whether it be game evenings, ping-pong tournaments, clothes swapping or karaoke, the motto is: Widen your social circle! The Get Together events are always held in English.

The office Culture & International Affairs also organizes weekly trips & tours for students. These CultureTrips are great opportunities to discover new places with other students and to make new contacts at the same time. Exploring the depths of Berlin's underworld, spending a day at the sea or rapping off in a climbing park: Together one can discover Berlin at its best!

All current events and activities can be found in the event calendar.

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All our counselling offers can be found here.

Here are all information.

Here are all information.

Your tutors

Your tutors


Residence Tutors

A team of German and non-German students who have been living in Berlin for some time and can pass on their experiences to the residents of the student accommodations
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International Tutors

Do you come from China, an Arab-speaking country, or from a country in Africa? Our international tutors are international students themselves. They are there for you as a first point of contact. Get in touch!
Events und tips

Events und tips

Studierendenwerk Berlin

Get Together

Get Togethers are our events where you can easily meet fellow students, exchange views, discover Berlin or simply have a good time with friends. Our Get Togethers are very interesting for international students, as they can meet open minded people who are interested in intercultural exchanges.
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