Help Tool "Checklist"

This list will help you to complete your application and accelerate our processes. In some cases we will need additional papers, of which we will inform you.

Please notice:

  • Please complete all fields with the required information, if not applicable please write "0" (i.e. your income/ assets).
  • Regular copies of your documents are sufficient.
  • Please remember to sign each form at the end.

Form 1

  • copy of current passport/ visa (including the page with the residence permit)
  • copy of rental agreement/ proof of registration (both only if you do not live with your parents)
  • proof of health insurance (if you pay your own insurance)
  • proof of own income in the applicable period (i.e. orphan pension, scholarship)
  • proof of assets/ debt on the date of application (i.e. bank statements, estimated value of personal car and vehicle registration)
  • further proof in the case that assets have been transferred to other people/ family members within 6 months prior to application

Attachment 1 to Form 1

  • c.v./ resume
  • proof of completion of vocational training/ academic studies (i.e. Diploma/ Bachelor/ Master) and periods of un-/employment (sick benefits/ leaves etc.)

Attachment 2 to Form 1

Form 2 or Certifcate of matriculation (Bescheinigung nach § 9 BAföG)

  • Current certificate of matriculation with subjects (“Immatrikulations-/ Studienbescheinigung”).

Form 3

  • including proof of income of your parents/ spouse/ registered partner (income tax or similar predating 2 years - translated into German)
  • Vocational training documents for siblings (brothers/ sisters) and their income, if applicable

Form 7

  • (additional application, if the current income of your parents/ spouse/ registered partner has worsened compared 2 years earlier (i.e. due to unemployment, illness or retirement))


Form 5 bzw. Proof of the ECTS points

  • (if the Office already has a general definition by the department). You provide this proof of achievement if you apply for funding for the 5th or 6th semester and have not submitted any proof of achievement.


For further information please contact our InfoPoints.
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